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The Effective Health Care Supervisor, Ninth Edition

Author(s): Charles R. McConnell, MBA, CM, Human Resource and Editorial Consultant, Ontario, New York
  • ISBN-13: 9781284149449
  • Paperback    542 pages      © 2019
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The Effective Health Care Supervisor offers proven, hands-on, practical applications of both classic and current management principles in the healthcare setting. Packed with strategies, techniques, and tools to build or reinforce your management skills and meet the never-ending challenges that one may face daily as a healthcare supervisor, students and professionals alike will benefit from this classic guidebook that is now more reader-friendly and accessible.

The Ninth Edition examines environmental changes and healthcare reform activities as well as updated and expanded information on HIPAA. Other current people-management topics such as social media in the work place, performance appraisals, recruitment issues, changes in overtime rules, and more are covered. This edition also offers new key terms in each chapter as well as a number of new end-of-chapter activities.

Part  I  The Setting
Chapter  1  The Evolving Supervisory Role
Chapter  2  The Volatile Healthcare Environment
Chapter  3  The Nature of Supervision: Health Care and Everywhere
Chapter  4  Management and Its Basic Functions
Part  II  The Supervisor and Self
Chapter  5  Delegation and Empowerment: Forming Some Good Habits
Chapter  6  Time Management: Expanding the Day without Stretching the Clock
Chapter  7  Self-Management and Personal Supervisory Effectiveness
Part  III  The Supervisor and the Employee
Chapter  8  Interviewing: Start Strong to Recruit Successfully
Chapter  9  Leadership and the Supervisor
Chapter  10  When the Employees Are Professionals
Chapter  12  Performance Appraisal: Cornerstone of Employee Development
Chapter  13  Criticism and Discipline: Guts, Tact, and Justice
Chapter  14  The Problem Employee and Employee Problems
Chapter  15  The Supervisor and the Human Resource Department
Part  IV  The Supervisor and the Task
Chapter  16  Ethics and Ethical Standards
Chapter  17  Decisions, Decisions
Chapter  18  Management of Change: Resistance Is Where You Find It
Chapter  19  Communication: Not by Spoken Words Alone
Chapter  20  How to Arrange and Conduct Effective Meetings
Chapter  20  How to Arrange and Conduct Effective Meetings
Chapter  21  Budgeting and Cost Control
Chapter  22  Quality and Productivity: Sides of the Same Coin
Chapter  23  Teams, Team Building, and Teamwork
Chapter  24  Methods Improvement: Making Work—and Life—Easier
Chapter  25  Reengineering and Reduction-in-Force
Chapter  26  Continuing Education: Your Employees and You
Chapter  27  The Supervisor and the Law
Chapter  28  The Manager and Living with HIPAA
Chapter  29  Organizational Communication: Looking Up, Down, and Laterally
Chapter  30  Unions: Avoiding Them When Possible and Living with Them When Necessary

Charles R. McConnell, MBA, CM-Human Resource and Editorial Consultant, Ontario, New York

Charles R. McConnell started his professional career in industrial and management engineering, followed by 29 years in human resources management in the healthcare industry. During those years he served as a human resources manager for affiliated organizations of a multi-facility healthcare system based in Rochester, New York, and earlier as a senior consultant with the Management and Planning Services division of the Hospital Association of New York State. He currently is an independent human resources and editorial consultant who has published more than 20 books and numerous articles, and serves as editor of a quarterly professional journal. He holds a BS in engineering and an MBA from the State University of New York at Buffalo, and has served as adjunct faculty at several colleges.

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ISBN-13: 9781284149449

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