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Light Vehicle Diesel Engines
CDX Master Automotive Technician Series

Author(s): Gus Wright, Centennial College
  • ISBN-13: 9781284145090
  • Paperback    718 pages      © 2019
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Light Vehicle Diesel Engines, published as part of the CDX Master Automotive Technician Series, prepares students with practical, accessible information necessary for ASE A9 certification. Taking a “strategy-based diagnostic” approach, it covers how to maintain, diagnose, and repair light and medium-duty diesel engines, increasingly common in North American, Asian and European vehicles and trucks.

  • Fully explains contemporary clean diesel technology, from basic combustion principles to engine design and operation to advanced topics in electronic engine controls, injection and emission systems
  • Detailed coverage of the latest diesel engine technologies, such as exhaust aftertreatment systems, gas sensor technology, recirculation systems, common rail injection systems, and on-board diagnostic systems
  • Focus on technology used in the newest engine models from Ford, FCA, GM, and Mercedes-Benz
  • Emphasis on understanding emission systems operation and adhering to industry standards during the service and repair of diesel engines
  • Forecasts future directions of diesel engines in the context of the VW scandal and new GHG emission standards
  • Offers instructors an intuitive, methodical course structure and helpful support tools
  • Outcome focused with clear objectives, assessments, and seamless coordination with tasksheets

Ideal for courses in light and medium duty diesel engines, engine management, or fuel systems, Light Vehicle Diesel Engines equips students with the skills to successfully maintain and repair a new generation of diesel engines.

Chapter  1  Strategy-Based Diagnostics
Chapter  2  Introduction to Diesel Engines
Chapter  3  Diesel Engine Emissions
Chapter  4  Cylinder Blocks and Crankshafts
Chapter  5  Cylinder Components
Chapter  6  Cylinder Heads and Valve Train Mechanisms
Chapter  7  Diesel Engine Cooling and Lubrication Systems
Chapter  8  Diesel Fuel and Low Pressure Fuel Systems
Chapter  9  Functions of High Pressure Fuel Systems
Chapter  10  Governors and Electronic Control Systems
Chapter  11  Hydraulic Nozzles
Chapter  12  HEUI Injection Systems
Chapter  13  Common Rail Fuel Systems
Chapter  14  Air Induction and Crankcase Ventilation Systems
Chapter  15  Fixed Geometry and Wastegated Turbochargers
Chapter  16  Variable Geometry and Series Turbochargers
Chapter  17  Exhaust Gas Recirculation
Chapter  18  Exhaust Aftertreatment Systems
Chapter  19  On Board Diagnostics

Gus Wright-Centennial College

Gus Wright is a member of the faculty in the Truck and Coach program at Centennial College in Ontario, Canada. A diesel enthusiast, he currently teaches apprentice technicians the latest technology in trucks, buses, and off-road equipment. He has worked for more than 35 years in the industry, earning multiple trade qualifications and creating technician curriculum for both corporate and college level education. He is also the author of Fundamentals of Medium/Heavy Duty Diesel Engines (Jones and Bartlett Learning, 2017) and co-author of Fundamentals of Medium/Heavy Duty Commercial Vehicle Systems (Jones and Bartlett Learning, 2017).  A university graduate, he actively engages in applied research related to engine emissions, alternate fuels, and HD electrical technology. 

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