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Community Health Education Methods, Fourth Edition
A Practical Guide

Author(s): Robert J. Bensley, PhD, Western Michigan University, Michigan
Jodi Brookins-Fisher, PhD, Central Michigan University
  • ISBN-13: 9781284142174
  • Paperback    375 pages      © 2019
  • Will Publish: 1/3/2018
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Updated and revised to keep pace with changes in the field, the fourth edition of Community Health Education Methods: A Practical Guide teaches students to effectively communicate health education messages and positively influence the norms and behaviors of both individuals and communities. Written by and for health education specialists, this text explores the methods used by health educators, including didactic techniques designed to guide others toward the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle.

The text is divided into three sections, each containing chapters that center on a common theme. Section I focuses on building the foundation for selecting and applying community health education methods, including chapters focusing on theories and models, becoming a professional, promoting multicultural diversity, social marketing concepts, and health communication strategies.

Chapters in sections II and III follow a similar format that includes an introduction to the topics, steps for implementing the skill, tips and techniques for successful implementation, strategies for overcoming challenges, and expected outcomes.

Features & Benefits

  • Includes a new chapter focusing on health coaching, counseling and navigating skills
  • Includes a new chapter focusing on using social media tools, such as Facebook, twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, texting, blogging, smartphone apps, internet channels (e.g., YouTube), video vines, etc
  • Incorporates the new CHES competencies throughout the book, so that users understand what to expect in terms of CEHS with each chapter

Applicable Courses

Written for the Health Education and Promotion course found within the departments of Health Science and Public Health.  Courses include:

  • Health Education Methods
  • Health Education Planning
  • Health Education Planning and Implementation
  • Health Education Strategies
  • Health Promotion Planning
  • Health Promotion Methods

Robert J. Bensley, PhD-Western Michigan University, Michigan

Dr. Bensley is currently an Associate Professor and coordinates the Community Health Education program at Western Michigan University. His research interests focus on the use of advancing technology modalities as a means of influencing behavior change. He is currently developing a theory-driven Internet-based learning approach for nutrition education for WIC clients, and has been awarded a Fulbright Scholar Award exploring the use of technology-based health promotion in South Africa. Prior to his entering the health education profession, Dr. Bensley was employed by IBM, where he served as a Systems Engineer providing technical assistance and education to educational institutions, hospitals, and local government agencies. Dr. Bensley also specializes in working with communities in coordinating school-based sexuality education programs and is co-author of the book Coordinating School-Based Sex and HIV/AIDS Education Programs.



Additional Titles by this Author

Jodi Brookins-Fisher, PhD-Central Michigan University

Dr. Brookins-Fisher is an Associate Professor in the School of Health Sciences at Central Michigan University. She is also currently the Graduate Coordinator and Undergraduate Internship Coordinator. Her research interests include the evaluation of university-community partnerships, programs for underserved populations, and faith-based groups. Dr. Brookins-Fisher has been involved in several national and state professional organizations, including the local chapter of Eta Sigma Gamma, of which she was faculty advisor for the past 5 years. She has also received CMU’s Teaching Excellence Award, Registered Student Organization Advisor Award, and Outstanding Teacher Award in her department. A human rights advocate, Dr. Brookins-Fisher has been recognized for her contributions to underserved populations.