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Financial Management for Nurse Managers, Fourth Edition
Merging the Heart with the Dollar

Author(s): J. Michael Leger, PhD, MBA, RN, Assistant Professor, University of Texas Medical Branch School of Nursing
Janne Dunham-Taylor, RN, PhD, Graduate Programs, College of Nursing, East Tennessee State University, Tennessee
  • ISBN-13: 9781284127256
  • Paperback    314 pages      © 2018
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Awarded First Place in the 2017 AJN Book of the Year Awards in Nursing Management and Leadership!

Financial Management for Nurse Managers: Merging the Heart with the Dollar, Fourth Edition is a unique text that addresses the financial management issues faced by nurse leaders in a variety of settings, including hospitals, ambulatory/outpatient clinics, long-term care facilities, and home care. With an evidence-based and practical approach, it covers a wide-range of financial information, including healthcare finance, economics, budgeting, reimbursements, accounting, and financial strategies.

Completely updated and revised, the Fourth Edition features a new, streamlined structure that concentrates on core financial management topics while condensing supplemental material. As a result, the text is organized into three parts:

  • Healthcare, the Economy, and Value-Based Purchasing
  • Budget Principles
  • Financial Strategies and Accounting Issues

The Fourth Edition also focuses on bringing financial concepts to life for students with real-life applications in nursing practice. For instructors, it offers invaluable resources, such as staffing and budgeting practice activities.

Applicable Courses

Nursing: Financial Management, Finance, Budgeting, and Finance

Part  I  Healthcare, the Economy and Value-Based Purchasing
Chapter  1  How We Got to Where We Are
Chapter  2  Healthcare Stakeholders: Consumers, Providers, Payers, Suppliers, and Regulators
Chapter  3  Microeconomics in the Hospital Firm: Competition, Regulation, the Profit Motive, and Patient Care
Chapter  4  Providing Patient Value While Achieving Quality, Safety, and Cost Effectiveness
Part  II  Budget Principles
Chapter  5  Budgeting
Chapter  6  Budget Development and Evaluation
Chapter  7  Budget Variances
Chapter  8  Comparing Reimbursements with Costs of Services Provided
Part  III  Financial Strategies and Accounting Issues
Chapter  9  Strategic Management: Facing the Future with Confidence
Chapter  10  Financial Strategies
Chapter  11  Accounting for Healthcare Entities
Chapter  12  Financial Analysis: Improving Your Decision Making

J. Michael Leger, PhD, MBA, RN-Assistant Professor, University of Texas Medical Branch School of Nursing

J. Michael Leger, PhD, MBA, RN, Assistant Professor, UTMB School of Nursing

Janne Dunham-Taylor, RN, PhD-Graduate Programs, College of Nursing, East Tennessee State University, Tennessee


Dr. Janne Dunham-Taylor is currently a professor teaching nursing administration graduate courses at both master’s and doctoral levels.  Previously she has been a head nurse, nursing supervisor, and director of nursing in a state hospital, a university hospital, and a teaching hospital.  She has been a chair, an assistant dean and has held two acting dean positions, as well as being a chair, in university settings.  She has taught nursing administration courses for 23 years.  Her research has been concerned with transformational leadership at the CNO level nationally.  She has numerous publications on various nursing administration topics. 

The following instructor resources are available to qualified instructors for download

ISBN-13: 9781284127256

Sample Slides in Powerpoint Format
Test Bank


Bundle ISBN: 9781284156072
This bundle features the text and access to the Financial Management course in Blackboard.

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