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Leadership and Management in Athletic Training, Second Edition
An Integrated Approach

Author(s): Matthew R. Kutz, Bowling Green State University
  • ISBN-13: 9781284124880
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  • Will Publish: 2/1/2018
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Leadership and Management in Athletic Training, Second Edition is designed to help athletic trainers effectively integrate the art of leadership with the science of management. This text discusses the aspects of management and leadership identified in the Board of Certification (BOC) Role Delineation Study and the National Athletic Trainers' Association (NATA) educational competencies. Chapter Rationales boxes at the beginning of each chapter list the NATA competencies and relevant knowledge and skill areas identified in the Role Delineation Study (RDS).

The book covers current leadership and management theories and techniques, communication, and conflict resolution, and supplies tools for mastering essential skills and behaviors. It discusses various leadership and motivational styles and covers key human resources, fiscal, and administrative responsibilities, including program planning and management, technology management, and facility design and management. The book also explores legal and risk management issues, professional ethics, and globalization as it relates to athletic training.

Features & Benefits

  • Each chapter begins with thought-provoking quote and leads off with key terms found throughout chapter
  • Each chapter also includes from the field anecdotes which relate chapter content to real life experiences of athletic trainers
  • Includes cases in discussion questions relevant to leadership and management within athletic training
  • Special chapters include content on communication, strategic thinking, and international implications for athletic trainers

Applicable Courses

Written for the upper-level undergraduate and graduate level course in Athletic Training courses related to management, administration, organization, and leadership

Chapter  1  History and Development of Athletic Training
Chapter  2  Developing the Sports Medicine Team
Chapter  3  Communication Strategies for Athletic Trainers
Chapter  4  Professional Preparation
Chapter  5  Concepts of Leadership
Chapter  6  Leadership Behaviors for Athletic Trainers
Chapter  7  Key Concepts of Management
Chapter  8  Human Resources and Organizational Development
Chapter  9  Record Keeping and Documentation
Chapter  10  Financial Management
Chapter  11  Reimbursement and Revenue
Chapter  12  Legal Issues and Risk Management
Chapter  13  Strategic Thinking and Program Planning
Chapter  14  Facility Design and Management
Chapter  15  Professional Ethics
Chapter  16  International Athletic Training

Matthew R. Kutz-Bowling Green State University

Matt Kutz is an Associate Professor at Bowling Green State University, an award-winning author, and an international athletic training scholar. He has lived and taught in Rwanda (Fulbright Scholar, University of Rwanda, College of Medicine and Health Science) and Australia (Visiting Research Fellow, Gold Coast University Hospital and Griffith University). Matt is a member of The CAATE Ethics and Professional Standards Committee, the NATA’s International Committee, and Educational Journal Committee. He serves as Senior Associate Editor for the Athletic Training Education Journal and has been an athletic trainer for 23 years.