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Clinical Research for the Doctor of Nursing Practice, Third Edition

Author(s): Allison J. Terry, PhD, MSN, RN, Assistant Professor of Nursing, Auburn University at Montgomery, Montgomery, Alabama
  • ISBN-13: 9781284117585
  • Paperback    382 pages      © 2018
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Clinical Research for the Doctor of Nursing Practice, Third Edition walks the reader through each aspect of the DNP project, explaining how students can effectively conceptualize, design, and implement their research to become agents of change in multiple healthcare settings. Focusing on the practical steps needed to complete the capstone project, the Third Edition demystifies common challenges for DNP students, including how to develop a research question, select a methodology, and develop a proposal for implementation.

The text also investigates emerging issues relevant to DNP-prepared nurses, from changes in patient confidentiality practices and HIPAA legislation to making interventions in quality improvement processes. Several sample DNP projects are included to foster classroom discussion and analysis.

New to the Third Edition:

  • New chapter on selecting a research methodology
  • Renewed focus on and discussion of theoretical frameworks
  • Guides for translating DNP project findings into practice;
  • An overview of the role of the DNP-educated nurse in academia
  • Analysis of updates to HIPPA legislation 

Applicable Courses

Advanced Nursing Research
Evidence-Based Practice

Unit  I  Preparing for Your Capstone Project
  Chapter  1  The Importance of Research in the Doctor of Nursing Practice Degree
  Chapter  2  Developing the Researchable Problem
  Chapter  3  Conducting a Literature Review
  Chapter  4  Ethics in Clinical Research
Unit  II  Choosing a Design for Your Capstone Project
  Chapter  5  Selecting a Methodology for Your Capstone Project
  Chapter  6  Designing a Clinically Based Quantitative Capstone Research Project
  Chapter  7  Designing a Clinically Based Qualitative Capstone Research Project
  Chapter  8  Designing a Clinically Based Mixed Method Capstone Research Project
Unit  III  Implementing Your Capstone Project
  Chapter  9  Sampling
  Chapter  10  Data Collection
  Chapter  11  Issues Related to Survey Data Collection
  Chapter  12  Data Analysis
  Chapter  13  Writing the Research Report for Potential Publication
Unit  IV  Examples of Studies and Projects
  Chapter  14  Reducing 30-Day Hospital Readmission of the Heart Failure Patient: An Evidence-Based Quality Improvement Project
  Chapter  15  A Community-Academic Collaboration to Have an Impact on Childhood Obesity
  Chapter  16  The Impact of Evidence-Based Design
  Chapter  17  The Lived Experience of Chronic Pain in Nurse Educators

Allison J. Terry, PhD, MSN, RN-Assistant Professor of Nursing, Auburn University at Montgomery, Montgomery, Alabama

Dr. Terry has been Assistant Professor of Nursing at Auburn University at Montgomery since 2009. She teaches in the baccalaureate nursing program. She has previously been Director of Alabama’s Center for Nursing as well as the Director of Community Certification for the Alabama Department of Mental Health’s Mental Retardation Division.

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ISBN-13: 9781284117585

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