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RN's Study Guide
Nursing Essentials

Author(s): Vicky Li, RN, BA
  • ISBN-13: 9781284115970
  • Paperback    336 pages      © 2018
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RN’s Study Guide: Nursing Essentials is a unique and user-friendly resource that presents students with need to know information to help them thrive on their path to becoming a nurse. Unlike other texts, it condenses vast amounts of knowledge into manageable basics to help nursing students and professionals understand difficult material, prepare for rigorous tests, and provide optimal care for patients and their families.

With a concise and practical approach, RN’s Study Guide: Nursing Essentials offers simplified introductions to the major health problems of different systems with important nursing tips and explanations. Also included are useful medical terms, anatomic pointers, points to consider, and precautions. 

Chapter  1  Hematologic & Immunologic Issues
Chapter  2  Cardiovascular Issues
Chapter  3  Respiratory Issues
Chapter  4  Neurologic Issues
Chapter  5  Sensory Issues
Chapter  6  Endocrine Issues
Chapter  7  Digestive Issues
Chapter  8  Genitourinary Issues
Chapter  9  Musculoskeletal Issues
Chapter  10  Skin Issues

Vicky Li, RN, BA