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Research Methods for Criminology and Criminal Justice, Fourth Edition

Author(s): Mark L. Dantzker, PhD, University of Texas Rio Grande Valley
Ronald D. Hunter, PhD, Georgia Gwinnett College
Susan T. Quinn, PhD, Georgia Gwinnett College
  • ISBN-13: 9781284113013
  • Paperback    258 pages      © 2018
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Research Methods, 4th Edition Awarded 2017 New England Book Show College Cover Single!

Research Methods Texts Don't Get Any Better Than This - 10 Reasons Why You Should Adopt Research Methods for Criminology and Criminal Justice

What are criminal justice and criminological research? Why conduct this research? And, how is this research completed? Research Methods for Criminology and Criminal Justice answers these questions by clearly explaining the basics of social science research using a simple and easy-to-understand approach. The essentials to a foundational understanding of criminal justice research methods are all there, including scientific theory, research language, and research design. The Fourth Edition features updated case studies and numerous revisions to topics such as sampling, research design, quantitative and qualitative research studies, data collection, and data analysis. Conducting research should not be a daunting chore. Research Methods for Criminology and Criminal Justice makes the task of learning how to conduct research understandable, enjoyable, and applicable to the criminal justice topics students are most interested in.

Features & Benefits

  • The chapters covering research design have been reorganized for a more reader-friendly format
  • NEW Application Exercises within each chapter provide a real-world scenario and challenge students to apply the newly learned concepts and processes
  • NEW Research Exercises guide students through developing their own research while incorporating the use of real-world resources, such as research articles or government reports
  • Definitions within the text have been clarified and expanded
  • The addition of a Glossary helps students comprehend key terms and prepare for quizzes and exams

Applicable Courses

This text is appropriate for upper-level undergraduate or graduate Qualitative and Quantitative Methodology courses.

Section  I  Functions
Chapter  1  Research: What, Why, and How
Chapter  2  Research and Ethics
Chapter  3  The Beginning Basics
Chapter  4  The Language of Research
Chapter  5  Sampling
Chapter  6  Introduction to Research Design
Section  II  Procedures
Chapter  7  Research Designs
Chapter  8  Qualitative and Quantitative Research
Chapter  9  Questionnaire Development
Chapter  10  Data Collection
Section  III  Final Steps
Chapter  11  Data Processing and Analysis
Chapter  12  Inferential Statistics
Chapter  13  Writing the Research
Chapter  14  Summing Up

Mark L. Dantzker, PhD-University of Texas Rio Grande Valley

Mark L. Dantzker is a Professor of Criminal Justice at the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley. Dr. Dantzker is a widely published author in the criminal justice and criminology fields. Dr. Dantzker earned his Ph.D. in Administration from the Institute of Urban Studies at the University of Texas-Arlington, and has close to twenty years of experience in criminal justice, policing, and criminology.

Ronald D. Hunter, PhD-Georgia Gwinnett College

Ronald D. Hunter, PhD, is Professor of Criminal Justice/Criminology at Georgia Gwinnett College, School of Liberal Arts. He received his PhD in Criminology from The Florida State University. Prior to entering academia, Dr. Hunter was a Sergeant with the Tallahassee (FL) Police Department. He has presented numerous papers at regional, national, and international criminology/criminal justice meetings. Police-Community Relations and the Administration of Justice; Crime and Criminality: Causes and Consequences; Research Methods for Criminology and Criminal Justice: A Primer; Police Systems and Practices: An Introduction; and, The Effects of Environmental Factors Upon Convenience Store Robbery in Florida are among the criminal justice text books that Dr. Hunter has authored or co-authored. He has published many articles and book chapters dealing with crime prevention, policing, research methods, and criminological theory. Dr. Hunter has received awards and recognitions from the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences; the Southern Criminal Justice Association; Western Carolina University; Jacksonville State University, Florida State University; and, Who’s Who Among America’s Teachers.” He is a former President of the Southern Criminal Justice Association and of the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences.

Susan T. Quinn, PhD-Georgia Gwinnett College

Susan T. Quinn is an Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice/Criminology at Georgia Gwinnett College. Prior to becoming part of the GGC faculty, she was a senior data analyst with the Florida Department of Juvenile Justice. Dr. Quinn earned her PhD in Criminology from Florida State University in 2010.

  • "Research Methods for Criminology and Criminal Justice is an exciting instructional resource in today’s era of evidence-based criminology and criminal justice. While social research has been of interest in academic criminology and criminal justice ever since the positivist era of more than 100 years ago, it is only in the past two or three decades that rigorous scientific investigations into “what works” have commanded a central role – replacing the arm chair theorizing and untested but long-standing traditional practices of the not-so-distant past.  Research Methods for Criminology and Criminal Justice  Is an important and well-focused tool for educators wanting to introduce students to the importance of today’s evidence-based agenda. Not only does it cover the “what, why, and how” of research, but it accurately describes the “vocabulary of research”, explores many types of research designs, and examines the applicability of both qualitative and quantitative research. In short, this text does everything that a research methods text should do – and it does it well.  For anyone wanting an affordable methods text that is both relevant and informative, Research Methods for Criminology and Criminal Justice fits the bill nicely."

    -Frank Schmalleger, Ph.D.
    Distinguished Professor Emeritus
    The University of North Carolina

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