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An Introduction to American Policing, Second Edition

Author(s): Dennis J. Stevens, PhD, Managing Director, Justice Writers of America, Retired, University of North Carolina, Charlotte
  • ISBN-13: 9781284110111
  • Paperback    470 pages      © 2018
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Police Theory Meets Practicality

Policing Texts Don't Get Any Better Than This - 10 Reasons Why You Should Adopt An Introduction to American Policing

“I love your An Introduction to American Policing, Second Edition as one of the best designed textbooks I've had in my criminal justice program so far.”
- Student at Grantham University

An Introduction to American Policing continues to engage students with a balanced yet critical investigation of police history and theory. This comprehensive text connects the US criminal justice system, criminology, and law enforcement knowledge to the progress of the police community. Updated case studies and narratives from violators along with current research help students understand the central theories and practical realities of American law enforcement. This leading-edge textbook will satisfy both scholars, who lean toward theoretical perspectives, and practitioners, who favor practical recommendations. An Introduction to American Policing, Second Edition is an exciting and modern resource that will challenge and encourage readers to understand, imagine, reflect, and exercise good judgment when thinking about the principal issues related to American policing moving toward 2020.

Features & Benefits

  • NEW full-color design and photos engage students in the content and enhance the learning experience
  • NEW case studies discuss current highly debated topics students see in news and media, such as the Michael Brown case and the Black Lives Matter movement
  • Two NEW chapters cover public health and terrorist policies to keep readers on the forefront of contemporary issues police officers encounter
  • NEW discussions on highly debated recent events, including police under unprovoked attacks, police use of drones, transfer of deadly pathogens among officers, human trafficking, and more
  • The popular Ripped from the Headlines case studies have been updated and modernized to provide current real-life application
  • Explains policing from the inside with personal experiences from officers on the job, offering a realistic sense of working in this dynamic field
  • Combines theory and practicality through investigative reports about police organizations, case studies, narratives from violators, and current research and impressions from colleagues, officers, and researchers.
  • Instructor resources include a complete Test Bank and lecture slides in PowerPoint format.

Applicable Courses

This updated Second Edition is ideal for undergraduate Introduction to Policing, Police Science, and Introduction to Law Enforcement courses.

Part  I  Fundamentals of Policing
Chapter  1  Police: The Essentials
Chapter  2  Historical Accounts, Emergence of Laws, and Five Modern Eras
Chapter  3  Community Policing, Broken Windows, and Agents of Compliance
Chapter  4  Why Police Must Change, Evidence-Based Policing, and the Accountability Era
Chapter  5  Local Law Enforcement, Campus Police, and Privatization
Chapter  6  Tribal Law Enforcement and Federal Enforcement Agencies
Part  II  Police Organizations, Management, and Police Officers
Chapter  7  Perspectives and Local Police Organizations
Chapter  8  Police Management, Leadership, and Female Officers
Chapter  9  Recruiting, Hiring, and Training of Local Police Officers
Part  III  Police Work
Chapter  10  On The Job: Patrol and Patrol Units
Chapter  11  Human Trafficking and International Terrorism
Chapter  12  Crime Scene Investigations (CSI)
Part  IV  Third Millennium Changes
Chapter  13  Local Police and Health
Chapter  14  Police Officer Subculture
Chapter  15  Police Office Stress and the Future of American Policing

Dennis J. Stevens, PhD-Managing Director, Justice Writers of America, Retired, University of North Carolina, Charlotte

Dennis J. Stevens, Ph.D. is the Managing Director of Justice Writers of America (JWA), an organization guiding justice personnel (by invitation only) to articulate their experiences in a confidential setting. Fore more information, see Stevens has taught criminal psychology in major universities and counseled high-risk prisoners at Chicago, Charlotte, Boston, and New Orleans. He has led crisis intervention sessions among Boston and New York City officers after 9/11 and the Boston Marathon bombing, New Orleans and Houston officers after Hurricane Katrina, and Chicago and Dallas officers after the execution-style murders of their own. 

Additional Titles by this Author
  • "Policing in America has changed significantly since the 9/11 terrorist attacks, and Dennis J. Stevens' new book, An Introduction to American Policing, brings a fresh and much needed perspective to the study of the police in the United States. Everything that's important for beginning students of law enforcement to know is here -- along with so much more. I'm sure this book will find a loyal following among both students and instructors of criminal justice."

    -Frank Schmalleger, Distinguished Professor Emeritus, University of North Carolina

  • "Clearly, police officers today face challenges that officers of an earlier era could hardly imagine. All of these issues, challenges, and events make Stevens’ Introduction to American Policing especially timely. Rather than rely on traditional methods to get his point across, the author uses a combination of the practical and theoretical to engage the reader in contemporary policing issues. This text does not depend on musings from the Ivory Tower that are not grounded in the day to day experiences of police officers. ....(Stevens) presents students with the actual words, deeds, and experiences of people actually on the front line of contemporary policing – an invaluable teaching tool."

    -Larry Siegel, University of Massachusetts- Lowell

The following instructor resources are available to qualified instructors for download

ISBN-13: 9781284110111

Instructor Manual
Slides in PowerPoint Format

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