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Fundamentals of Automotive Technology, Second Edition
Principles and Practice

Author(s): Kirk VanGelder
  • ISBN-13: 9781284109955
  • Hardcover    1866 pages      © 2018
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Automotive technicians must learn how to safely and effectively maintain, diagnose, and repair every system on the automobile. Fundamentals of Automotive Technology, Second Edition provides students with the critical knowledge and essential skills to master these tasks successfully.

With a focus on clarity and accuracy, the Second Edition offers students and instructors a single source of unparalleled coverage for every task from MLR through MAST. Fully updated and reorganized, the revised format enhances student comprehension and encourages critical thinking.

New to the Second Edition

  • Introduces “strategy-based diagnostics,” a method used to solve technical problems correctly on the first attempt
  • Additional technical content throughout, and twice as many end-of-chapter questions
  • Full of real world experience with practical instruction that ties the classroom to the shop
  • Streamlined and reorganized content, with 67 chapters that make it easier for students to understand and master the material
  • Improved layout now aligns better to common teaching flows
  • Outcome focused with clear objectives, assessments, and coordination with task sheets
  • Large addition of new and updated pictures and illustrations
Section  1  Safety and Foundation
Chapter  1  Careers in Automotive Technology
Chapter  2  Introduction to Automotive Technology
Chapter  3  Introduction to Automotive Safety
Chapter  4  Personal Safety
Chapter  5  Vehicle Service Information & Diagnostic Process
Chapter  6  Basic Tools and Precision Measuring
Chapter  7  Power Tools & Equipment
Chapter  8  Fasteners and Thread Repair
Chapter  9  Vehicle Protection and Jack and Lift Safety
Chapter  10  Vehicle Maintenance Inspection
Chapter  11  Communication and Employability Skills
Section  2  Engine Repair
Chapter  12  Motive Power Types - Spark-Ignition (SI) Engines
Chapter  13  Engine Mechanical Testing
Chapter  14  Engine Lubrication Theory
Chapter  15  Lubrication System Service
Chapter  16  Cooling System Theory
Chapter  17  Cooling System Service
Chapter  18  Engine Removal and Replacement
Chapter  19  Cylinder Head Components
Chapter  20  Engine Block Components
Chapter  21  Engine Machining
Chapter  22  Engine Assembly
Section  3  Automatic Transmissions
Chapter  23  Automatic Transmission Fundamentals
Chapter  24  Hydraulic Fundamentals
Chapter  25  Hydraulically Controlled Transmission
Chapter  26  Electronically Controlled Transmission
Chapter  27  Servicing the Automatic Transmission/Transaxle
Chapter  28  Rebuilding the Automatic Transmission/Transaxle
Chapter  29  Hybrid and Continuously Variable Transmissions
Section  4  Manual Transmissions
Chapter  30  Manual Transmission/Transaxle Principles
Chapter  31  The Clutch System
Chapter  32  Manual Transmissions/Transaxles Basic Diagnosis and Maintenance
Chapter  33  Manual Transmission Overhaul
Chapter  34  Driveshafts, Axles, and Final Drives
Chapter  35  Four-Wheel Drive/All-Wheel Drive
Section  5  Steering and Suspension
Chapter  36  Wheels and Tires Theory
Chapter  37  Servicing Wheels and Tires
Chapter  38  Steering Systems Theory
Chapter  39  Servicing Steering Systems
Chapter  40  Suspension System Theory
Chapter  41  Servicing Suspension Systems
Chapter  42  Wheel Alignment
Section  6  Brakes
Chapter  43  Principles of Braking
Chapter  44  Hydraulics and Power Brakes Theory
Chapter  45  Servicing Hydraulic Systems and Power Brakes
Chapter  46  Disc Brake Systems
Chapter  47  Drum Brake Systems
Chapter  48  Wheel Bearings
Chapter  49  Electronic Brake Control Systems
Section  7  Electrical
Chapter  50  Principles of Electrical Systems
Chapter  51  Electrical Components and Wiring
Chapter  52  Meter Usage and Circuit Diagnosis
Chapter  53  Battery Systems
Chapter  54  Starting and Charging Systems
Chapter  55  Lighting Systems
Chapter  56  Network Communications and Body Accessories
Chapter  57  Safety, Entertainment, and Antitheft Systems
Section  8  Heating and Air Conditioning
Chapter  58  Principles of Heating and Air-Conditioning Systems
Chapter  59  Heating and Air-Conditioning Systems and Service
Chapter  60  Electronic Climate Control
Section  9  Engine Performance
Chapter  61  Ignition Systems
Chapter  62  Gasoline Fuel Systems
Chapter  63  Engine Management System
Chapter  64  Onboard Diagnostic Systems
Chapter  65  Intake and Exhaust Systems
Chapter  66  Emission Control Systems
Chapter  67  Alternative Fuel Systems
Appendix  A  2017 NATEF Automobile Accreditation Task List Correlation Guide
Appendix  B  NATEF Integrated Applied Academic Skills Correlation Guide
Appendix  C  Brakleen Brake Parts Cleaner Safety Data Sheet Example

Kirk VanGelder

Kirk T. VanGelder is a Certified Automotive Technology Instructor at Cascadia Technical Academy, in Vancouver, Washington. With over 30 years of teaching experience at the high school and college level, Kirk encourages students to think critically, learn how to ask questions of themselves, and then search out the answers. In addition to Fundamentals of Automotive Technology: Principles and Practice, he is the author of Fundamentals of Maintenance and Light Repair. He is passionate about helping students understand the science behind automotive technology so that they can continuously embrace emerging systems and technologies in the quickly changing automotive industry.

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