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Introduction to Scripting
National CyberWatch Edition

Author(s): Bradley N. Miller, PhD, Luther College
  • ISBN-13: 9781284108071
  • Vitalbook (vitalsource)    500 pages      © 2017
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Introduction to Scripting offers an in-depth introduction to scripting languages including basic data types, control structures, regular expressions, input/output, and textual analysis.

Chapter  1: Introduction  
Chapter  2:   pithon
Chapter  3: Codes and Other Secrets  
Chapter  4: A Nest of Snakes: Introducing the Python Collections  
Chapter  5: Earthquakes, Floods, and Other Natural Disasters  
Chapter  6: Pycture Perfect Programs  
Chapter  7: Data Mining: Cluster Analysis  
Chapter  8: Cryptanalysis  
Chapter  9: Fractals: The Geometry of Nature  
Chapter  10: Astronomy  
Chapter  11: Bears, Fish, and Plants, Oh My!  
Chapter  12: Your Father Was a Rectangle  
Chapter  13: Video Games  
Appendix  A: Installing the Required Software  
Appendix  B: Python Quick Reference  
Appendix  C: turtle Module Reference  

Bradley N. Miller, PhD-Luther College

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ISBN-13: 9781284108071

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