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Linux Fundamentals
National CyberWatch Center Edition

Author(s): Richard Blum
Jesse Varsalone
  • ISBN-13: 9781284108057
  • Vitalbook (vitalsource)    500 pages      © 2017
Price: $79.95 US List

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Linux Fundamentals will provide students with the fundamental concepts of Linux/UNIX operating systems. This book covers such topics as the Linux/UNIX file system, commands, utilities, text editing, shell programming, and text processing utilities. Students will learn command line syntax and features of the popular Linux/UNIX shells, including filename generation, redirection, pipes, and quoting mechanisms.

Chapter  1: Linux Basics  
Chapter  2: Linux and Software  
Chapter  3: Linux and Hardware  
Chapter  4: Booting Linux  
Chapter  5: Making Filesystems  
Chapter  6: Command Line Basics  
Chapter  7: File Management  
Chapter  8: Working with Text Files  
Chapter  9: System Administration  
Chapter  10: Advanced Administration  

Richard Blum

Jesse Varsalone

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ISBN-13: 9781284108057

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