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Physical Therapy Clinical Handbook for PTAs, Third Edition

Author(s): Kathy Cikulin-Kulinski, PT, DPT, OCS, Primary Instructor, Fox College, Tinley Park, Illinois
  • ISBN-13: 9781284105568
  • Paperback    590 pages      © 2018
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Physical Therapy Clinical Handbook for PTAs, Third Edition is a concise clinical guide designed specifically to help physical therapist assistant students and practitioners easily obtain helpful evidence-based information. This succinct handbook covers the evaluative as well as the interventional aspect of physical therapy and offers immediate guidance concerning physical therapy data collection and interventions, including musculoskeletal, neurologic, cardiopulmonary, integumentary, geriatric, pediatric, and acute care interventions.

This Third Edition reflects updates featured in the APTA’s Guide to Physical Therapist Practice 3.0, as well as contemporary documentation requirements and best practices. With its user-friendly format that includes tabbed sections for easy referencing and the inclusion of clinical pearls for the PTA, this handbook is a valuable resource for PTA practitioners and students alike.

• Features new, easy-to-reference medication tables for interventions covered in the text
• Includes extensively revised integumentary content, with illustrations of cancerous skin lesions and vascular ulcerations as well as coverage of dressing choices for wound care management
• Addresses Electronic Medical Records as part of clinical documentation coverage, along with ICF terminology and the APTA’s defensible documentation guidelines
• Provides a range of additional content in covering geriatric interventions, including general considerations for common geriatric-related conditions, an explanation of Medicare Parts C and D, and levels of supervision for the PTA with the Medicare patient
• Features an expanded section on domestic violence and elder abuse in relation to its discussion of safety in the clinical environment
• Incorporates a prosthetic wear-time schedule
• ?Includes kyphoplasty considerations in detailing spinal surgery procedures and precautions 

Applicable Courses:
• Clinical Practicum
• Clinical Education
• Clinical Experience


Part  1  Safety in the Clinical Environment
Section  1-1  Physical Therapist and Physical Therapist Assistant Relationship
Section  1-2  Patient Communication
Section  1-3  Cultural Competence
Section  1-4  Infection Control
Section  1-5  Family Violence
Section  1-6  Patient Safety During Interventions
Part  2  Clinical Documentation
Section  2-1  Documentation Guidelines
Section  2-2  Documentation Elements
Section  2-3  International Classification of Functioning, Disability,and Health (ICF) Overview
Section  2-4  Daily/Weekly SOAP Note Elements
Section  2-5  Patient Education
Section  2-6  Electronic Medical Documentation
Section  2-7  Patient Confidentiality
Part  3  Musculoskeletal Interventions
Section  3-1  Phases of Tissue Healing and Clinical Interventions
Section  3-2  Bones
Section  3-3  Muscles: Function, Nerve, Origin, Insertion, and Palpation
Section  3-4  Musculoskeletal Data Collection
Section  3-5  Basic Clinical Impairments and Activity Limitations Related to Common Musculoskeletal Conditions
Section  3-6  Types of Musculoskeletal Interventions
Section  3-7  Musculoskeletal Intervention Strategies
Part  4  Neurologic Interventions
Section  4-1  Review of Nervous System Anatomy and Physiology
Section  4-2  Neurologic Data Collection
Section  4-3  Clinical Impairments and Activity Limitations of Neurologic Conditions
Section  4-4  Types of Neurologic Interventions
Section  4-5  Neurologic Interventions
Part  5  Cardiopulmonary Interventions
Section  5-1  Review of Cardiopulmonary System and Anatomy
Section  5-2  Cardiopulmonary Data Collection
Section  5-3  Body Structure and Function Impairments Related to the Cardiopulmonary System
Section  5-4  Patient Safety During Cardiopulmonary Interventions
Section  5-5  Types of Cardiopulmonary Interventions
Section  5-6  Cardiopulmonary Intervention Patterns
Part  6  Integumentary Interventions
Section  6-1  Review of Integumentary System Anatomy
Section  6-2  Integumentary Overview
Section  6-3  Clinical Impairments, Activity Limitations, and Participation Restrictions Associated with Integumentary Conditions
Section  6-4  Types of Integumentary Interventions
Section  6-5  Integumentary Interventions
Section  6-6  Wound Documentation
Part  7  Geriatric Interventions
Section  7-1  Geriatric Overview
Section  7-2  Age-Related Impairments, Activity Limitations, Participation Restrictions, and Suggestions for Interventions
Section  7-3  Geriatric Disorders/Diseases and Intervention Patterns
Section  7-4  Reimbursement Overview
Part  8  Pediatric Interventions
Section  8-1  Pediatric Overview
Section  8-2  Pediatric Interventions
Section  8-3  Pediatric Disorders and Diseases: Intervention Patterns
Part  9  Basic Acute Care Physical Therapy Interventions
Section  9-1  Acute Care Physical Therapy Musculoskeletal/Orthopedic Interventions
Section  9-2  Acute Care Neurological Interventions
Section  9-3  Application of Interventions to Various Acute Care Conditions: Factors to Consider

Kathy Cikulin-Kulinski, PT, DPT, OCS-Primary Instructor, Fox College, Tinley Park, Illinois

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ISBN-13: 9781284105568

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