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Info Sentinel: Travel Security

Author(s): Mavi Interactive
  • ISBN-13: 9781284105360
  • Online Course     pages      © 2015
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Info Sentinel: Travel Security is a serious game that places the trainee in the position of a skilled inspector in a real-world cyber breach scenario happening in near-real-time. 

In the role of Sentinel, the trainee is sent to investigate a company that has become a victim of a cyber breach. He/she is tasked with scrutinizing the environment, categorizing security threats, making incident handling decisions, discovering how the leak might have happened, and stopping the on-going cyber breach.

Challenged with taking the necessary actions to reveal vulnerabilities, the trainee must think critically and understand the way the hackers think.


  • Skill development training for securing sensitive information during work-related activities
  • Engaging Point & Click Adventure Games replicate real-life scenarios in a multi-sensory environment, available off-the-shelf to add to your curriculum.
  • Experiential learning enables skills development and behavior change
  • Time-stamped behavioral data delivers in-depth reports for skill level assessment
  • Continuous education and subject matter revisions with quick customizations of existing off-the-shelf content.


Mavi Interactive

Launched in October 2008, MAVI Interactive, LLC is a privately held company that provides immersive game-based training products and services.  In the last 6 years the company's major focus has been creating groundbreaking products for information assurance, cyber security awareness and compliance training, serving medium and large business, government and higher education. As of the end of 2012 MAVI Interactive began expanding its solutions to higher education and retail market solutions. MAVI Interactive's products are deployed around the world where the value of cutting edge educational technologies is recognized.

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