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Agent Surefire: InfoSec

Author(s): Mavi Interactive
  • ISBN-13: 9781284105209
  • Online Course     pages      © 2016
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Agent Surefire: InfoSec is an immersive Information Security training simulation in a game-like format. It is an off-the-shelf e-learning course designed to raise user awareness on information security best practices. It is designed to effortlessly bridge daily experience with the methods of securing sensitive information. The engaging game-based content delivery allows learning by trial and error, situational awareness, and immersed decision making by way of identifying violations in a realistic office setting.

After completing this hands-on course, users will recognize their essential role in safeguarding sensitive information inside an office environment.

  • Browser-based training. No local installation needed.
  • SCORM compliant
  • Off-the-shelf use ready for immediate deployment
  • Easy integration of existing e-learning courseware
  • Realistic simulations in a virtual office space
  • The game-based content delivery engages users
  • 97 possible security violations to discover

Mavi Interactive

Launched in October 2008, MAVI Interactive, LLC is a privately held company that provides immersive game-based training products and services.  In the last 6 years the company's major focus has been creating groundbreaking products for information assurance, cyber security awareness and compliance training, serving medium and large business, government and higher education. As of the end of 2012 MAVI Interactive began expanding its solutions to higher education and retail market solutions. MAVI Interactive's products are deployed around the world where the value of cutting edge educational technologies is recognized.

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