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Security Strategies in Linux Platforms and Applications, Second Edition

Author(s): Michael Jang, Freelance Technical Writer
Ric Messier
  • ISBN-13: 9781284090659
  • Paperback    514 pages      © 2017
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The Second Edition of Security Strategies in Linux Platforms and Applications covers every major aspect of security on a Linux system. Written by an industry expert, this book is divided into three natural parts to illustrate key concepts in the field. It opens with a discussion of the risks, threats, and vulnerabilities associated with Linux as an operating system using current examples and cases. Part 2 discusses how to take advantage of the layers of security available to Linux--user and group options, filesystems, and security options for important services, as well as the security modules associated with AppArmor and SELinux. The book closes with a look at the use of both open source and proprietary tools when building a layered security strategy for Linux operating system environments. Using real-world examples and exercises, this useful resource incorporates hands-on activities to walk readers through the fundamentals of security strategies related to the Linux system.

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About the Series
This book is part of the  Information Systems Security and Assurance Series from Jones and Bartlett Learning. Designed for courses and curriculums in IT Security, Cybersecurity, Information Assurance, and Information Systems Security, this series features a comprehensive, consistent treatment of the most current thinking and trends in this critical subject area. These titles deliver fundamental information-security principles packed with real-world applications and examples.  Authored by Certified Information Systems Security Professionals (CISSPs),  they deliver comprehensive information on all aspects of information security. Reviewed word for word by leading technical experts in the field, these books are not just current, but forward-thinking—putting you in the position to solve the cybersecurity challenges not just of today, but of tomorrow, as well.

Chapter  1: Security Threats to Linux  
Chapter  2: Basic Components of Linux Security  
Chapter  3: Basic Security: Facilities Through the Boot Process  
Chapter  4: User Privileges and Permissions  
Chapter  5: Filesystems, Volumes, and Encryption  
Chapter  6: Every Service Is a Potential Risk  
Chapter  7: Networks, Firewalls, and More  
Chapter  8: Networked Filesystems and Remote Access  
Chapter  9: Networked Application Security   
Chapter  10: Kernel Security Risk Mitigation  
Chapter  11: Managing Security Alerts and Updates  
Chapter  12: Building and Maintaining a Security Baseline  
Chapter  13: Testing and Reporting  
Chapter  14: Detecting and Responding to Security Breaches  
Chapter  15: Best Practices and Emerging Technologies  

Michael Jang-Freelance Technical Writer

Michael Jang (RHCE, LPIC-2, UCP, Linux+, MCP) has been a freelance technical writer since 1998. He had previously worked for more than 10 years as a specialist engineer at Boeing Commercial Airplane Group. Michael has written white papers on new products and processes. He’s also the author of more than two-dozen IT books, including LPIC-1 In Depth (2009) and Ubuntu Server Administration Course (for VTC in 2009). Finally, Michael travels overseas extensively to troubleshoot IT issues and manage projects.

Ric Messier

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ISBN-13: 9781284090659

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