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A Brief Introduction to Criminal Law, Second Edition

Author(s): Dr. Philip Carlan, University of Southern Mississippi
Lisa S. Nored, JD, The University of Southern Mississippi
Ragan A. Downey, The University of Southern Mississippi
  • ISBN-13: 9781284056112
  • ISBN-10:1284056112
  • Paperback    318 pages      © 2016
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A Concise and Accessible Introduction to Substantive Criminal Law

Written for an undergraduate course within a criminal justice program, A Brief Introduction to Criminal Law, Second Edition “holds the hand” of students while walking them through the intricacies of substantive criminal law. The principles of criminal law are explained in a simplistic and practical manner with a focus on the professional applications of legal principles within the criminal justice system. The second edition contains additional and updated case studies, expanded coverage of constitutional law, and updated information on terrorism. Expansive in scope yet accessible to all readers, A Brief Introduction to Criminal Law, Second Edition provides students with the tools needed to navigate through and master the complexities of substantive criminal law.

Features & Benefits

  • Provides a gentle introduction to substantive criminal law ideal for students that do not intend to pursue law school
  • Authored by an attorney and two non-attorneys to offer a balanced and accessible viewpoint
  • Every chapter opens with a list of key terms and concludes with a summary and hands-on exercises to ensure comprehension of chapter material
  • Accompanied by a full suite of instructor resources, including a Test Bank and Lecture Slides in PowerPoint format

Applicable Courses

A Brief Introduction to Criminal Law, Second Edition is intended for criminal law courses within criminal justice programs. It provides an accessible introduction to the subject that is ideal for students who will not continue to law school.

Chapter 1  Substantive Criminal Law: Principles and Working Vocabulary
Chapter 2  Crime and Punishment: Constitutional Limitations and Protections
Chapter 3  Theft Offenses and Fraudulent Practices
Chapter 4  Crimes Against Habitation; Robbery, and Assault
Chapter 5  Criminal Homicide
Chapter 6  Sex Offenses
Chapter 7  Crimes Against Moral Values
Chapter 8  Crimes Against the Administration of Justice and Public Order
Chapter 9  Inchoate Offenses and Party Liability
Chapter 10  Defenses to Criminal Responsibility
Chapter 11  Organized Crime and Terrorism
Chapter 12  White Collar Crime

Dr. Philip Carlan-University of Southern Mississippi

Dr. Philip Carlan is an Associate Professor for the School of Criminal Justice Studies at the University of Southern Mississippi.

Lisa S. Nored, JD-The University of Southern Mississippi

Lisa S. Nored is an Associate Professor and Director of the School of Criminal Justice at The University of Southern Mississippi. She holds the J.D. degree, Ph.D. in public administration, and masters and bachelors degrees in criminal justice.

Ragan A. Downey-The University of Southern Mississippi

Ragan A. Downey is a Grant Evaluator at Pine Belt Mental Healthcare Resources and a PhD candidate in criminal justice at The University of Southern Mississippi. He also holds a master’s degree in administration of justice and a bachelor’s degree in sociology.

The following instructor resources are available to qualified instructors for download

ISBN-13: 9781284056112

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Desire to Learn ready Test Bank
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Slides in PowerPoint Format
Test Bank

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