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Navigate Scenario : GameScape for Nutrition

Author(s): Jones & Bartlett Learning
  • ISBN-13: 9781284055856
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Navigate Scenario: GameScapes for Nutrition receives Silver Medal at the 2014 International Serious Play Awards
The Serious Play Awards honor outstanding games that deliver a high quality of engagement and measurable training or learning opportunities.

Navigate Scenario: GameScapes for Nutrition are “day-in-the-life” learning simulations that immerse students in photo-realistic settings with interactive video-characters and engaging story lines.  In this GameScape, students must work to gather knowledge—all mapped to key course learning objectives—through exploration, research, and interviews. Creativity, quick thinking, and deductive reasoning play a key role in students’ ability to successfully analyze the situation, and a game-like point system will both measure performance and provide a sense of competition.

Episode 1 – Nutrition – A Key to Health

In this episode, you serve as a mentor to a team of fellow employees participating in a company health challenge, Fuel4Success. Having completed your training, you are now a health Ambassador equipped with the knowledge and ability to coach your team.

Learning Objectives

  • Define nutrition.
  • Recognize the role of metabolism in the utilization of nutrients.
  • Explain the connection between nutrition and health.

Interactive Game
This episode culminates with the game, “Fact or Fiction”. Recognizing facts and myths, you clear up many misconceptions for your team members and are rewarded with points based on accuracy and speed.

Episode 2:  Nutrient Sources and Significance

 In this episode, you will show your teammates how to create healthy, balanced meals suited to their individual preferences and dietary needs.

Learning Objectives

  • Recognize how carbohydrates, lipids, proteins, and fiber contribute to health promotion and disease prevention.
  • Recognize the nutritional impact of varying diets including DASHdiet, Mediterranean diet, Atkins/Paleo diet (low carb, high protein, vegetarian, etc.), and other popular weight management diets.

Interactive Game

The “Meal Maker” game challenges you to combine different foods to satisfy your team members’ dietary needs while keeping them happy with a tasty meal. Your goal is to move the nutrition bars from the red zone to the green (healthy) zone by striking just the right balance between nutrition and taste.

Episode 3:  Energy Balance, Vitamins, Minerals, and Water

One of your team members is addicted to caffeine and is clueless about caffeine’s impact on the body. During this episode, you will learn how our bodies react to caffeine and vitamins.

Learning Objectives

  • Relate energy balance to weight management.
  • Identify the rich sources and functions of vitamins and minerals.
  • Determine how the metabolism of vitamins, minerals, and water promote health.
  • Identify problems resulting from nutrient deficiency and excess.

SimApp Activity

During the “Smoothie Maker” simulation game you experiment with many potential combinations of ingredients to create a Smoothie that is “just right” for each of your team members. When you are done, witness the varying effects of this drink on the health of your teammates that day and even months later!

Episode 4:  Fitness and Food Safety

The company fun day challenge and picnic is coming up! You’re in charge of assigning team members to appropriate challenges based on their fitness levels. You will also be responsible for feeding everyone after the event. Don’t poison anyone!

Learning Objectives

  • Analyze how fitness affects health.
  • Recommend guidelines for achieving/maintaining physical fitness.
  • Identify potential safety issues in food handling, purchasing, storage, and preparation.
  • Determine credible sources of nutritional information.

Interactive Game

During the “Race to Erase” game, you must identify safety challenges in the kitchen and outdoor eating area.

Episode 5:  A Focus on Life Stages

Congratulations! You’ve successfully guided your team through the completion of the Fuel4Success challenge. As a final test, you must demonstrate to the expert that you understand how nutrition applies to different stages in life. If successful, your company will promote to a full Fuel4Success Ambassador.

Learning Objectives

  • Identify nutritional requirements for each stage of life.
  • Describe how nutrition and metabolism affect growth, development and learning.
  • Identify health nutrition strategies for the future.
  • Relate the role of poor nutrition to childhood obesity and increased propensity for diseases later in life.

Interactive Game

The “Stages of Life” activity allows you to showcase your grasp of different factors affecting health at different life stages. This information will help you prepare for what’s next in life.

Applicable Courses

Ideal for use in any Introductory Nutrition and Wellness course.

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