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Navigate Scenario: GameScape for Environmental Science

Author(s): Jones & Bartlett Learning
  • ISBN-13: 9781284049794
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A Personalized Learning Journey Where Students LEARN by BEING

Navigate Scenario: GameScape for Environmental Science are “day-in-the-life” learning simulations that immerse students in photo-realistic settings with interactive video-characters and engaging storylines. In this GameScape, students must work to implement solutions that are environmentally safe and socially beneficial to a fictitious town using critical thinking skills after they have explored, researched, and interviewed key characters. Each episode is mapped to key course learning objectives. Creativity, quick thinking, and deductive reasoning play a key role in students’ ability to successfully analyze the situation, and a game-like point system will both measure performance and provide a sense of competition.

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Episode 1: Balancing Ecosystems
The opening episode introduces the storyline that is set in Sparksville. The student plays the role as the newly elected City Council of Sparksville. As the City Council, the student must lead a special task force to examine the balance/imbalance in the Tri-Valley's ecosystem and implement an environmentally friendly plan to minimize the impact of an invasive species on the ecosystem.

Episode 2: Managing Population Growth
As president of the City Council, the student must meet with advisors and experiment with solutions to address environmental problems associated with the growing prairie dog population in the Tri-Valley. The public is very divided on this issue. Prairie dogs are good for tourism and feed Golden Eagles; however, the can carry disease.

Episode 3: Maintaining Terrestrial and Atmospheric Resources
Another five years has passed and the student is now running for Mayor of Sparksville. To win the election, the student must formulate solutions and defend his/her stance on important local environmental issues such as a proposed oil pipeline and aggressive forestry interests.

Episode 4: Controlling Energy Systems
Several years into the student's succesful term as Mayor, he/she is now in a difficult "Catch-22" situation. The good news is that many new jobs have been imported from a nearby state to make Sparksville the "back office" for large manufacturing service operations. The bad news is that growth has occurred too quickly and has overwhelmed the energy infrastructure and adversely impacted the environment.

Episode 5: Building a Positive Environmental Agency
In the final episode, the student must review his/her environmental decisions over the past 25 years. To leave a positive legacy, the student must build upon his/her past successes and repair past environmental compromises. He/She will do so by working with their science advisory staff, business and industry leaders, and various stakeholders in the environmental protection community to design and implement an environmental sustainability plan.

Jones & Bartlett Learning has partnered with Toolwire, the creator of GameScape. Their learning game design philosophy is­ influenced by years of experience and research.

The following points from James Paul Gee's "Principles for Learning through Games" summarizes the key attributes of GameScape:

  • Online Learning Simulation
  • Presents ‘day in the life’ situation
  • Interactive videos, characters and storylines
  • Uses content mapped to Learning Objectives
  • Game-like point system measures performance

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Applicable Courses

Designed for an introductory environmental science course. Appropriate course titles include:

  • Introduction to Environmental Science
  • Environmental Studies
  • Environment and Man
  • Environment & Society
  • Human Impact on the Environment
  • Resources and Environment
  • Sustainable Development

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ISBN-13: 9781284049794

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