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Fire Fighter Safety and Survival, Second Edition

Author(s): Don Zimmerman
  • ISBN-13: 9781284036411
  • Paperback    440 pages      © 2015
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Fire Fighter Safety and Survival is an essential guide designed to keep fire fighters safe from the many hazards they will face on-the-job. Developed around the 16 Firefighter Life Safety Initiatives, this textbook provides scores of real-life examples from the fire service and other high-risk industries to illustrate  the dangers of fire fighting. More importantly, these examples help readers to stay safe in similar situations by offering helpful information on risk management, how to incorporate safety procedures within their department, and how to foster a culture of safety to ensure that “Everyone Goes Home.”

The Second Edition features:

  • Coverage of the Fire and Emergency Services Higher Education (FESHE) Firefighter Safety and Survival model curriculum.
  • Updated statistics, references, and examples from recent events
  • Over 100 real-life examples from the fire service and nuclear, medical, military, and airline industries to provide readers with a complete understanding of risk management, safety systems, and situational awareness principles.

Fire science students, seasoned professionals, and rookies alike can turn to Fire Fighter Safety and Survival, Second Edition for the knowledge and tools needed to make their fire departments safer without sacrificing cherished, long-standing traditions.

Chapter  1  Defining a Cultural Change
Chapter  2  Enhancing Accountability
Chapter  3  Applying Risk Management Techniques
Chapter  4  Eliminating Unsafe Acts
Chapter  5  Implementing Training and Certification Standards
Chapter  6  Developing Medical and Fitness Standards
Chapter  7  Creating a Research Agenda
Chapter  8  Utilizing Available Technology
Chapter  9  Investigating Fatalities, Injuries, and Near-Misses
Chapter  10  Blending Grants and Safety
Chapter  11  Establishing Response Standards
Chapter  12  Examining Response to Violent Incidents
Chapter  13  Providing Emotional Support
Chapter  14  Enabling Public Education
Chapter  15  Advocating Residential Fire Sprinklers
Chapter  16  Engineering Safety into Equipment

Don Zimmerman

Don Zimmerman is a lieutenant and paramedic with the City of Mentor, Ohio Fire Department. He also teaches at the Lakeland Community College and is a disaster coordinator  and EMS instructor for EMSI at the University Hospitals Health System in Cleveland, OH.


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  • Answers to all end-of-chapter student questions found in the text.
  • Test Bank that contains an abundance of multiple-choice questions and allows instructors to create tailor-made classroom tests and quizzes quickly and easily. An answer key with page references to the text is also provided.
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Fire Fighter Safety and Survival, Second Edition with Navigate Course Manager

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