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Louisiana Weather and Climate
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Author(s): Anthony J. Vega, PhD, Clarion University
Robert V. Rohli, PhD, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge
John M Grymes III
  • ISBN-13: 9781284035223
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Louisiana Weather and Climate details the how and the who of annual and seasonal weather episodes seen in the state of Louisiana, including tropical depressions, tropical storms, hurricanes, severe thunderstorms, lightning, heavy rainfall, flooding, tornadoes, and economically devastating freezes. The frequency and variety of severe and extreme weather is higher than in most other regions of the country, making it exciting reading not only for students, but also for the general reader interested in weather and climate. This concise volume is written at a level accessible to all readers, including beginning students in meteorology and climatology courses. It explains the concepts without employing high levels of mathematical calculations or scientific discourse. It also addresses the effects that climate change is likely to have on Louisiana with examples related to rising sea levels, increased frequency and severity of storms, and much more. The text goes on to outline how these weather phenomena will affect the flora, fauna, and human population of the region.

Louisiana Weather and Climate is 354 pages in length.

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Chapter 1   Introduction
Chapter 2  Louisiana’s Setting
Section 1  Energy and Temperature
Chapter 3  The Nature of Energy
Chapter 4  Seasonality
Chapter 5  Louisiana Temperatures
Section 2  Atmospheric Moisture
Chapter 6  Atmospheric Moisture and the Hydrologic Cycle
Chapter 7  Louisiana Precipitation over the Past Century
Chapter 8  The El Niño / Southern Oscillation Phenomenon
Chapter 9  The Climatic Water Balance
Section 3  Storm Systems and Extreme Weather
Chapter 10  An Examination of the Extra-Tropical Cyclone
Chapter 11  Air Mass Thunderstorms
Chapter 12  Floods
Chapter 13  Drought
Chapter 14  Tornado Science
Chapter 15  Tornado Climatology, Damage, and Safety in Louisiana
Chapter 16  Winter Storms
Chapter 17  Tropical Cyclone Science and Climatology
Chapter 18  Tropical Cyclone Damage, Prediction, Detection, and Safety
Chapter 19  Significant Louisiana Tropical Cyclones
Chapter 20  The 2005 Hurricane Season
Section 4  Climate Change
Chapter 21  Impacts of Global Warming on Louisiana
Chapter 22  The Future
Appendix  Louisiana Hurricanes

Anthony J. Vega, PhD-Clarion University

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Robert V. Rohli, PhD-Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge

John M Grymes III