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Molecular Biotechnology

Author(s): Carolyn A. Dehlinger, MAS, MS, Professor of Biology, Keiser University, Jacksonville, Florida
  • ISBN-13: 9781284031409
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A Unique Text for a Rapidly Expanding Field

The only textbook of its kind on the market, Molecular Biotechnology provides a holistic, comprehensive view of molecular biotechnology that makes it ideally suited for undergraduate majors in molecular biotechnology and biomedical sciences. Beginning with the background of this rapidly expanding field, Molecular Biotechnology covers major discoveries, regulation of the biotechnology industry, and significant innovations. A strong emphasis on careers in molecular biotechnology, profiles of major projects and researchers, and expansive discussions of bioethical concerns and current research, all come together to make this text an engaging and highly relevant resource for biotechnology students.  

The text’s focus on the emergence of biotechnology as both a scientific discipline and a viable industry, the regulations associated with the pursuit of biotechnology, and the major techniques and applications of this branch of science will establish Molecular Biotechnology as an essential text for students entering the field.

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Features & Benefits

  • Focus on Careers feature in every chapter provides critical information on type of education and competencies required to practice in this exciting field as well as relevant organizations to contact
  • Includes evolutionary developmental biology, “evo devo”, coverage throughout the text
  • Contains coverage of food labeling laws throughout the US as well as coverage of the US Supreme Court ruling on gene patenting
  • Real-world information on molecular techniques, regulations, and bioethics offer students a big picture understanding of working in the biotechnology industry
  • Provides a holistic bottom-up approach that mirrors the levels of Bloom’s Taxonomy to encourage students to develop higher levels of knowledge and understanding
  • Every new print copy includes access to the Navigate Companion Website where students will find a wealth of learning and study tools to help them succeed in their course, including:
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    • Lab Exercises for students to apply knowledge and gain practical lab skills - Review a Sample Lab Exercise above!
    • Practice Quizzes for reviewing key concepts, organized by chapter
    • Chapter Objectives, Interactive Glossary and Flashcards, Crossword Puzzles, and Web Links
  • Accompanied by a full suite of instructor resources, including Lecture Outlines in PowerPoint format, an Image Bank, and Test Bank

Applicable Courses


  • Introductory Biotechnology
  • Molecular Biotechnology
  • History of Biotechnology


  • Biology
  • Moleculary Biology
  • Liberal Arts & Sciences
  • Natural Sciences
  • Biotechnology
Chapter 1  The Emergence of Molecular Biotechnology
Chapter 2  The Molecular Biotechnology Industry Today
Chapter 3  Governmental Regulation of Molecular Biotechnology
Chapter 4  Bioinformatics: Genomics, Proteomics, and Phenomics
Chapter 5  Industrial Biotechnology
Chapter 6  Life Sciences and Healthcare
Chapter 7  Environmental Biotechnology and Conservation
Chapter 8  Agriculture and Food Production
Chapter 9  Forensics and Biodefense
Chapter 10  Evo Devo: The Biotechnology of Evolution and Development
Chapter 11  The Biotechnology of Anthropology
Chapter 12  The Future of Biotechnology

Carolyn A. Dehlinger, MAS, MS-Professor of Biology, Keiser University, Jacksonville, Florida

Carolyn A. Dehlinger is a professor of biological sciences at Keiser University in Jacksonville, Florida. She received her Master of Applied Science in Technology Management from the University of Denver and her Master of Science in Biology from Mississippi State University. She completed her undergraduate degree at the University of Florida. She  teaches students in the Biomedical Sciences and Biotechnology degree programs in addition to students enrolled in non-majors biology courses. At Keiser, Carolyn played an integral role in the development of the Biomedical Sciences degree curriculum and has served on multiple National Science Foundation grant projects aimed at delivering biotechnology education to both students and educators. Carolyn serves as a subject matter expert with the American Council on Education in Washington, DC. In this role, she evaluates curricula and determines their eligibility for accreditation. She is a proud member of the Honorable Order of Kentucky Colonels, an honor bestowed by the governor of Kentucky for community service.

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ISBN-13: 9781284031409

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