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Navigate Scenario: GameScape for Health & Wellness

Author(s): Jones & Bartlett Learning
  • ISBN-13: 9781284029437
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A game show where wellness wins!

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Navigate Scenario: GameScape for Health & Wellness are “day-in-the-life” learning simulations that immerse students in photo-realistic settings with interactive video-characters and engaging storylines. In this GameScape, students must work to gather knowledge—all mapped to key course learning objectives—through exploration, research, and interviews. Creativity, quick thinking, and deductive reasoning play a key role in students’ ability to successfully analyze the situation, and a game-like point system will both measure performance and provide a sense of competition.

GameScape Module 1: Healthy Balance of Mind and Body
IMMERSION & DISCOVERY into the competition and assuming roles. The game show host greets, explains the challenges, and asks students to build their team. Students will understand the definition of health and wellness and why it is important.

GameScape Module 2: The Rewards of Physical Fitness, Nutrition and Health Management
FACT-FINDING & ANALYSIS of the team's current physical fitness and creating the appropriate fitness programs and nutrition for each member of the team. Students act as team captain to coach three teammates through relay race training. They deal with numerous issues and the student's own consequences of their decisions throughout the game. Students will identify the five components of health related fitness and should be able to explain methods to determine the nutritional value of foods.

GameScape Module 3: Preventing and Treating Chronic Disease
RESPONSE & CREATION associated with signs of chronic disease and poor lifestyle choices are discussed. In this module, students learn to describe risk factors for common chronic diseases and escribe the effects of alcohol and tobacco on the body.

GameScape Module 4: Infectious Diseases and Environmental Effects on Health
HURDLES & REWARDS of dealing with an infectious disease outbreak scenario in a competitive environment are discussed. This module explains the immune system's role in protecting the body from disease and identifies pathogens that cause infectious diseases. It also explains ways the environment affects human health and wellness.

GameScape Module 5: Healthy Living Choices
MEET THE FINAL CHALLENGE & ASSESS TEAM HEALTH, via the show's final episode, in a Q&A style format that promotes modifications for "best choice" team health plans. This final episode discusses guidelines for making wise health care decisions and explains why it is important to be a responsible health care consumer.

Jones & Bartlett Learning has partnered with Toolwire, the creator of GameScape .  Their learning game design philosophy is in­ influenced by years of experience and research.

The following points from James Paul Gee’s “Principles for Learning through Games” summarizes the key attributes of GameScape:

  • Online Learning Simulation
  • Presents ‘day in the life’ situation
  • Interactive videos, characters and storylines
  • Uses content mapped to Learning Objectives
  • Game-like point system measures performance


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Applicable Courses

Appropriate for courses in:

  • Personal Health
  • Health Education
  • Personal Wellness
  • Health Studies

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