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Companion Website for Fundamentals of Crime Mapping, Second Edition

Author(s): Bryan Hill
Rebecca Paynich, PhD, Curry College
  • ISBN-13: 9781284026733
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Developed exclusively to accompany Fundamentals of Crime Mapping: Principles and Practice, Second Edition, this student companion website offers a variety of resources designed to enhance your study of crime mapping and to give you an opportunity to explore topics from the text in more detail.

Interactive study tools include:
-Interactive Flashcards
-Interactive Glossary
-Crossword Puzzles
-Learning Objectives
-Practice Quizzes
-Additional exercises
-Video Tutorials to walk you through completion of the exercises using ArcGIS 10
-Web Links

Applicable Courses

This curriculum solution is designed for upper-level undergraduate and graduate courses in Criminal Justice or Geography titled:

  • Crime Analysis Using Geographic Information Systems
  • Crime Analysis
  • Crime Mapping
  • Spatial Analysis of Crime
  • Special Topics

Bryan Hill

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Rebecca Paynich, PhD-Curry College

Rebecca Paynich earned a Master of Arts in Criminal Justice (2000) and Ph.D. in Political Science (2003) from Washington State University, and currently teaches at Curry College, in Milton, MA. Dr. Paynich’s teaching skills take a generalist approach toward the Criminal Justice field. She holds classes in statistics, crime mapping, corrections, police, criminal justice ethics, criminology, criminal justice policy, and many others.

Dr. Paynich has been involved in several research projects throughout her academic career including work as a researcher on the Project Safe Neighborhood grant for the state of North Dakota. While her primary research interests revolve around law enforcement, she also does work in the areas of criminal justice theory and policy, and crime mapping. She has coauthored two books, Law Enforcement in the United States, Second Edition, and The Fundamentals of Crime Mapping: Principles and Practice. She has also published in Police Practice and Research: An International Journal and Journal of Contemporary Criminal Justice. She is married and has two children.

Additional Titles by this Author