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Navigate: Healthcare Information Systems
Doctor of Nursing Practice Online Course

Author(s): Jones & Bartlett Learning
  • ISBN-13: 9781284021950
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Navigate: Healthcare Information Systems is an instructionally designed and completely online course aligned to the AACN Essentials of Doctoral Education document, QSEN Competencies and IOM Core Competencies.  Navigate: Healthcare Information Systems employs a multidisciplinary approach to informatics by incorporating nursing science, computer science and information science. Students will analyze information requirements, design system alternatives, and consider the management of resources. This course will alo examine the resources and methods required to apply these technologies to clinical guidelines, communication systems and to enhance health care delivery.

Navigate: Healthcare Information Systems is a very flexible online course and can be deployed in a completely online, hybrid or on-ground course environment.  This course can be made accessible through an existing Learning Management System (LMS) or through Navigate, the Jones & Bartlett Learning-hosted online environment.  Navigate is Moodle based intuitive courseware featuring an easy-to-use interface for instructors and students. This course draws content from the Jones and Bartlett Learning text, Adaptive Health Management Information Systems: Concepts, Cases, & Practical Applications.

Course Features
Interactive Lectures
Supplemental Content (Journal articles, References, Web Links)
Discussion Forums
Automatic Grading
Practice activities for students in a safe to fail environment
End of Lesson Assessment

Instructor Resources
Syllabus with lesson to chapter mapping
Course Management Tools
Customizable Assessments
Fully Customizable PowerPoint Presentations

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