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Multicultural Health, Second Edition

Author(s): Lois A. Ritter, EdD, MS, MA, MS-HCA, PMP, Consultant, Health and Education
Donald H. Graham, JD, MA, Attorney & Consultant, Human Services
  • ISBN-13: 9781284021028
  • Paperback    324 pages      © 2017
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Health care professionals work in a diverse society that presents both opportunities and challenges so being culturally competent is essential to their role. Fully updated and expanded, the Second Edition of Multicultural Health serves as a comprehensive guide for healthcare workers in any cultural community.  Focusing on differences in cultural beliefs about health and illness, and models for cross-cultural health and communication, this text helps students and professionals learn effective ways to implement health promotion programs and program evaluation across cultures.

Features & Benefits

  • NEW! - Full color design and art program
  • NEW! - A Student Activity added to each chapter to challenge student comprehension.
  • NEW! - Two new Feature Boxes Added to each chapter titled, What do you think? and Did you Know?, to engage readers and enhance critical thinking.
  • NEW! - Chapter 3, Worldview and Health Decisions provides information about the ways that worldview and communication impacts health, the provision of health services, health care decisions, and communication
  • Expanded! - Reiki has been added to Chapter 4,Complementary and Alternative Medicine. Chiropractic care, homeopathy, hypnosis and hydrotherapy, while important treatment modalities, were removed to keep the chapter focused on culturally-based CAM modalities.
  • Expanded! - In Chapter 5, Religion, Rituals, and Health, a section was added about clinical implications of the relationship between religion, spirituality, and health.
  • Expanded! - In Chapter 6, Communication and Health Promotion in Diverse Societies, tips for communicating with people with limited English proficiency have been added.
  • Expanded! - Chapters 7 through 12 have new sections on worldviews, pregnancy, mental health, and death and dying as they relate to the cultural group discussed in that chapter.
  • Expanded! - Chapter 12, Additional Cultures, has been expanded to include people with disabilities, immigrants and refugees, and the culture of commerce.
  • Expanded! - Chapter 13, Closing the Gap: Strategies for Eliminating Health Disparities, includes information about the Health and Human Services Action Plan to reduce racial and ethnic health disparities and the National Stakeholder Strategy for Achieving Health Equality.
  • Revised! - Laws and Ethics material is now integrated throughout where appropriate.
  • Revised! - The model programs have been removed from chapters 7 through 12 and an activity has been added for learners to conduct research and identify a model program
Unit  I  The Foundations
  Chapter  1  Introduction to Multicultural Health
  Chapter  2  Theories and Models Related to Multicultural Health
  Chapter  3  Worldview and Health Decisions
  Chapter  4  Complementary and Alternative Medicine
  Chapter  5  Religion, Rituals, and Health
  Chapter  6  Communication and Health Promotion in Diverse Societies
Unit  II  Specific Cultural Groups
  Chapter  7  Hispanic and Latino American Populations
  Chapter  8  American Indian and Alaskan Native Populations
  Chapter  9  African American Populations
  Chapter  10  Asian American Populations
  Chapter  11  European and Mediterranean American Populations
  Chapter  12  Non-Ethnic Cultures
Unit  III  Looking Ahead
  Chapter  13  Closing the Gap: Strategies for Eliminating Health Disparities

Lois A. Ritter, EdD, MS, MA, MS-HCA, PMP-Consultant, Health and Education

Lois A. Ritter has earned a doctorate in education and master’s degrees in health science, healthcare administration, and cultural and social anthropology. Dr. Ritter has taught at the university-level for approximately 20 years and has lead national and regional research studies on a broad range of health topics.

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Donald H. Graham, JD, MA-Attorney & Consultant, Human Services

Donald H. Graham is an attorney and holds a master's degree in urban affairs. Mr. Graham has developed and managed client centered and culturally appropriate health and human service programs for over 30 years.

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