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Transformational Nursing Leadership: A Vision for the Future

Author(s): Anne M. Barker, EdD, RN, Professor of Nursing, Sacred Heart University, Fairfield, Connecticut
  • ISBN-13: 9780887375514
  • ISBN-10:0887375510
  • Paperback    256 pages      © 1992
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Nursing leadership is in crisis! Nurses are dissatisfied with their practice settings; with the attitudes and behaviors of nurse managers; with limited professional growth, advancement and achievement; with oppressive organizational hierarchies that hinder autonomy in practice; and with the lack of job status and power. Added to this leadership crisis with dissatisfied workers is the transformation of our society from an industrial to information economy. This transformation profoundly affects our organizations and the leadership strategies needed for the twenty-first century. Leaders will need to be facilitators; organizations must humanize the workplace. New organizational designs and new leadership strategies are required. This book addresses these issues by proposing futuristic leadership theory that... * explores practical strategies for nurse leaders to empower their nurses * provides opportunities for growth and development * creates environments that will be more satisfying than current practice settings * examines new interpersonal behaviors that will improve relationships between managers and staff
About the Author

1. Leadership in Crisis: The Need for New Theory
2. Societal and Healthcare Transformations
3. Toward a Theory of Leadership
4. Organizational Change
5. Organizational Vision
6. Societal Architecture
7. Elements of the Social Architecture
8. Organizational Trust
9. Leadership and Self-Esteem
10. Thinking and Decision Making
11. Time Management
12. Leadership and Groups

Appendix A. Answers to Case Study Questions
Appendix B. Additional Readings

Anne M. Barker, EdD, RN-Professor of Nursing, Sacred Heart University, Fairfield, Connecticut

Anne M. Barker is a Professor of Nursing at Sacred Heart University in Fairfield, Connecticut, where she teaches patient care services administration at the graduate level and leadership and management at the undergraduate level. She has extensive leadership experience at the clinical level in acute care settings and in nursing education. Anne has written two previous books, Transformational Nursing Leadership: A Vision for the Future and Leadership in Dietetics: Achieving a Vision for the Future.

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