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Sport Business Management

Author(s): Lori K. Miller, PhD
  • ISBN-13: 9780834209428
  • ISBN-10:083420942X
  • Paperback    320 pages      © 1997
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In this unique text you'll find practical business theory and professional practice guidelines specifically for the sport business manager. The basics of running a for-profit sport business, as well as influential management tips for survival in the 1990s, make this an ideal book for sport businesses.
Contents: Sport Industry Analysis * A Generic Competitive Strategy and the Value Chain * The Mission Statement, Objectives, and Organizational Issues * Sport Business Structure Formation * Federal Legislation Influencing the Sport Business * The Americans with Disabilities Act * Employment-Related Issues * Funding and Budgeting for the Sport Business * Site Selection * Risk Management * Crowd Management

Lori K. Miller, PhD

Lori Miller is the Chair of the Kinesiology and Sport Studies Department and a Professor in Sport Administration at Wichita State University. Lori has an Ed.D. in Physical Education, a Masters of Business Administration, a Master of Education, and a BA in Business. Lori has published over 40 refereed journal articles, five book chapters, and three books. Lori's current research emphasis focuses on legal issues in the sport industry.