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Athletic Training and Sports Medicine: An Integrated Approach, Fifth Edition

Author(s): Chad Starkey, PhD, ATC, FNATA, Ohio University
  • ISBN-13: 9780763796099
  • Hardcover    680 pages      © 2013
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Written in cooperation with the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS), Athletic Training and Sports Medicine: An Integrated Approach, Fifth Edition is a multi-purpose, multi-course text that emphasizes the post-injury management techniques used by athletic trainers and physicians in management of orthopaedic injuries. This classic text now includes a sub-title to more accurately reflect the topical coverage of injury management and care. 

Richly illustrated and full of evidence-based practice, this text describes surgical techniques and their implications on rehabilitation/activity and captures the totality of injury management including: pathology, immediate management, diagnostic imaging, definitive and differential diagnosis, medical management, medications, surgical intervention, post-injury and/or post-surgical management, and rehabilitation.

Athletic trainers are well educated on how to evaluate, manage, and rehabilitate athletic injuries. However, no other mainstream textbook describes what is involved with common surgical procedures and how those procedures affect the treatment and rehabilitation process and the eventual return to activity. Athletic Training and Sports Medicine: An Integrated Approach serves as a primary reference to tie it all together.

Features & Benefits

  • Clinical Presentation boxes list the characteristics of each injury, including the history, mechanism of injury, the symptoms that one would observe with the injury, the functional status of the athlete, and various tests to diagnose the pathology.
  • Surgical Technique boxes describe surgical treatment for a particular pathology and are accompanied by a figure illustrating the surgical technique.
  • Clinical Technique boxes explain the steps for non-surgical procedures, such as taping and bracing for a particular pathology.
  • Rehabilitation sections provides an overview of various therapeutic exercises and rehabilitation techniques that apply to the pathologies in the chapter.
Section  1  Overview
  Chapter  1  Integrated Injury Management
  Chapter  2  Soft Tissue Injury Management
  Chapter  3  Fractures: Diagnosis and Management
Section  2  Lower Extremity
  Chapter  4  Foot, Ankle, and Leg Injuries
  Chapter  5  Knee Injuries
  Chapter  6  Patellofemoral Injuries
  Chapter  7  Femur, Hip, and Pelvis Injuries
  Chapter  8  Additional Lower Extremity Therapeutic Exercises
Section  3  Upper Extremity
  Chapter  9  Shoulder Injuries
  Chapter  10  Elbow Injuries
  Chapter  11  Wrist, Hand, and Finger Pathologies
  Chapter  12  Additional Upper Extremity Therapeutic Exercises
Section  4  Spine and Torso
  Chapter  13  Lumbar Spine Injuries
  Chapter  14  Abdominal and Thorax Injuries
  Chapter  15  Cervical Spine Injuries
  Chapter  16  Additional Spine and Torso Therapeutic Exercises
Section  5  Head and Systemic
  Chapter  17  Head Injuries
  Chapter  18  Face and Related Structures Pathologies
  Chapter  19  Environmental Conditions

Chad Starkey, PhD, ATC, FNATA-Ohio University

Education: PhD,MS, Ohio University, West Virginia University

Certification: Certified Athletic Trainer; Licensed Athletic Trainer

Major Research Interests: Education, certification, and license standards

Specializations: Therapeutic modalities; Orthopedic injury evaluation

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ISBN-13: 9780763796099

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