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Environmental Crime, Second Edition

Author(s): Mary Clifford, PhD, Professor, St. Cloud University
Terry D. Edwards, JD, Associate Professor, Department of Justice Administration, University of Louisville
  • ISBN-13: 9780763794286
  • Paperback    448 pages      © 2012
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Environmental crime is an increasingly serious problem nationally and internationally, and is an expanding field of study in today’s environmentally conscious classroom. Fully revised and updated, Environmental Crime, Second Edition revisits the early construction of environmental crime as a subject of study and addresses new and emerging subjects of study, specifically focused on the United States but including research from Europe, Australia, and around the world.

Comprehensive and interdisciplinary in its focus, this Second Edition is written by a collection of experts in the field and presents themes related to the social, cultural, political, economic, scientific and legal contexts of environmental crime. Each chapter includes key terms, review questions, discussion questions, and references. The accessible style and easy-to-read format make Environmental Crime, Second Edition ideal for anyone from any discipline, with little to no exposure to the subject matter.

New material added to the Second Edition:

  • New chapter on the relationship between social and political activism and legislative change
  • New chapter on crime theories specifically focused on environmental issues
  • Updates on the history and legislation
  • Updates on definition and related terms
  • Updates on state and local issues
  • Updates on police, courts, sentencing and punishments
  • New online link with additional resources for students

Forthcoming instructor resources will include a complete Test Bank and Microsoft® PowerPoint® slides

Features & Benefits

  • Includes contributions from nationally and internationally known experts on the topic of environmental crime
  • Provides a comprehensive focus on the United States laws and policies related to environmental law, violations, punishments and sanctions
  • Includes a historical review of law creation and activist protests focused on organizing and changing laws around environmental protections and environmental harms
  • Interdisciplinary in its focus, the text includes biological sciences, history and political debates, economics, media, crime theory and its application, in addition to sections on international constructions of environmental crime and future research directions

Applicable Courses

Ideal for courses offered by Criminal Justice, Justice Administration, Environmental Studies, Political Science, and Sociology departments in two or four year colleges.  Appropriate for the following courses:

  • Environmental Crime
  • Environmental Law
  • Environmental Policy
  • Environmental Ethics
  • Environmental Studies
  • Environmental Economics
  • Environmental Health
  • Environmental History
  • Environmental Equity 
Part  I  An Introduction to the Conceptualization of Environmental Harm
  Chapter  1  A History of the U.S. Environmental Movement
  Chapter  2  Crime Theory and Environmental Criminology: An Introductory Comparison
  Chapter  3  Economics, Politics, and Environmental Protection
  Chapter  4  A Necessary Social Understanding of the Natural Sciences
  Chapter  5  Identifying Harm and Defining Crime: Exploring the Criminalization of Environmental Issues
Part  II  Legislating, Investigating and Enforcing Environmental Crime
  Chapter  6  A Review of Federal Environmental Legislation and the Federal Environmental Regulatory Structure
  Chapter  7  State and Local Environmental Enforcement
  Chapter  8  Policing the Environment
  Chapter  9  Environmental Crime Prosecution
  Chapter  10  Sentencing the Environmental Criminal
Part  III  Trends and Emerging Issues
  Chapter  11  The Role of Citizen Activism in Environmental Protection
  Chapter  12  The Scope and Complexity of Environmental Offenders
  Chapter  13  International Environmental Issues
  Chapter  14  Environmental Crime Research

Mary Clifford, PhD-Professor, St. Cloud University

Mary Clifford, Ph.D. is a Professor of Criminal Justice and co-organizer for the Community Anti-Racism Education Initiative at St. Cloud State University. She has been teaching environmental crime courses in criminal justice for almost 20 years. Along with Professor Terry D. Edwards, she developed one the first working definitions of "environmental crime" and acted as the editor of Environmental Crime:  Law, Policy and Social Responsibility (1998), one of the first interdisciplinary text books on the subject. Dr. Clifford is also the author of Identifying and Exploring Security Essentials (Pearson Prentice Hall, 2001) and is currently the research coordinator of a qualitative research history project outlining the anti-racism education initiative on the St. Cloud State University campus. She continues to teach, research, study and present on various criminal justice topics including environmental crime, crime theories, sex crimes and sex offenders.

Terry D. Edwards, JD-Associate Professor, Department of Justice Administration, University of Louisville

Terry D. Edwards, JD is an Associate Professor in the Department of Justice Administration at the University of Louisville. He teaches law-related courses in the undergraduate and graduate degree program, as well as police-related legal topics in the Southern Police Institute. His research interests include police civil liability, environmental crime, and Constitutional Law.

Professor Edwards has authored, or co-authored, a textbook on Criminal Law, various book chapters on criminal and environmental law, and a number of articles on police legal issues.  He is a lifetime member of the Southern Criminal Justice Association (Past President; Educator of the Year-2001), the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences, and the American Society of Criminology.  He is also a member of the International Association of Chiefs of Police, the Kentucky Association of Police Chiefs, the Louisville Bar Association, Kentucky Bar Association and the American Bar Association.

Before accepting an appointment with the University of Louisville in 1990, Professor Edwards was an Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice at Kentucky Wesleyan College.  Prior to that, he worked as a trooper with the Kentucky State Police and as a military attorney with the United States Air Force.  Professor Edwards holds a law degree from the University of Louisville and a Masters' Degree in Justice Administration from Golden Gate University.  He served as Senior Legal Counsel for the Kentucky State Police for the period December 2002-April 2004 while on leave from the University.

The following instructor resources are available to qualified instructors for download

ISBN-13: 9780763794286

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