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Digital Signal Processing Using MATLAB & Wavelets, Second Edition

Author(s): Michael Weeks, Georgia State University
  • ISBN-13: 9780763784225
  • Hardcover    492 pages      © 2011
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Although Digital Signal Processing (DSP) has long been considered an electrical engineering topic, recent developments have also generated significant interest from the computer science community. DSP applications in the consumer market, such as bioinformatics, the MP3 audio format, and MPEG-based cable/satellite television have fueled a desire to understand this technology outside of hardware circles. 

Designed for upper division engineering and computer science students as well as practicing engineers and scientists, Digital Signal Processing Using MATLAB & Wavelets, Second Edition emphasizes the practical applications of signal processing. Over 100 MATLAB examples and wavelet techniques provide the latest applications of DSP, including image processing, games, filters, transforms, networking, parallel processing, and sound. This Second Edition also provides the mathematical processes and techniques needed to ensure an understanding of DSP theory. Designed to be incremental in difficulty, the book will benefit readers who are unfamiliar with complex mathematical topics or those limited in programming experience. Beginning with an introduction to MATLAB programming, it moves through filters, sinusoids, sampling, the Fourier transform, the z-transform and other key topics. Two chapters are dedicated to the discussion of wavelets and their applications. A CD-ROM (platform independent) accompanies every new printed copy of the book and contains source code, projects for each chapter, and the figures from the book.

Features & Benefits

  • Covers modern applications such as bioinformatics, audio, and image compression
  • New to this Edition!
    Includes a new chapter on the continuous wavelet transform
  • Includes a separate chapter on MATLAB programming (Chapter 2)
  • Designed for the reader who does not have extensive math and programming experience
  • Companion CD-ROM has MATLAB projects for each chapter with over 100 MATLAB examples, source code (.m files), and figures from the book
  • Instructor’s resources include a CD-ROM with solutions, all the code (.m-files), figures from the book, and over 360 PowerPoint slides
Chapter 1  Introduction
Chapter 2  MATLAB
Chapter 3  Filters
Chapter 4  Sinusoids
Chapter 5  Sampling
Chapter 6  The Fourier Transform
Chapter 7  The z-Transform
Chapter 8  The Discrete Wavelet Transform
Chapter 9  The Continuous Wavelet Transform
Chapter 10  Applications

Michael Weeks-Georgia State University

Michael Weeks is an associate professor at Georgia State University where he teaches courses in Digital Signal Processing. He holds a PhD in computer engineering from University of Louisiana and has authored or co-authored numerous journal and conference papers.

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ISBN-13: 9780763784225

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