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Adobe Captivate 4: The Definitive Guide

Author(s): Brenda Huettner
  • ISBN-13: 9780763781378
  • Paperback    464 pages      © 2011
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Adobe Captivate 4: The Definitive Guide, the follow-up to Wordware’s popular Adobe Captivate 3: The Definitive Guide, steps you through all the procedures needed to create Flash movies based on any software on your desktop. You’ll learn how to create Flash movies, edit individual screens, add and edit sound, even add interactivity (with or without grading) for complete customization. The expanded e-learning chapter in this edition discusses a variety of ways to build quizzing functions with individual questions and question pools. A chapter on branching shows how to move slide elements on a visual display, and how to create paths through a movie that give each viewer a unique experience. This book covers everything from getting the software installed and activated, manipulating the movie files, adding and editing audio, and building quizzes, all the way to delivery mechanisms of the final output and integrating your movies with other applications.

Features & Benefits

  • Completely revised for the current version of software (release 4), this book is a practical guide to creating Flash files using Captivate.
  • Detailed, step-by-step instructions for all software features make it ideal for anyone learning the software.
  • Anecdotes, advice, and best practices help even seasoned users create useful movies more quickly and more efficiently.
  • Screen shots throughout show the visual display of slides, toolbars, and other movie components
Chapter 1  Installing and Configuring Captivate
Chapter 2  Getting Ready to Make Movies
Chapter 3  Creating Your First Movie (Just the Basics!)
Chapter 4  Recording a Movie
Chapter 5  Creating Movies Without Recording
Chapter 6  Working with Slides
Chapter 7  Editing a Single Slide
Chapter 8  Defining What the User Hears: Adding Audio
Chapter 9  Defining What the User Does: Adding Interactivity
Chapter 10  Creating E-Learning Content
Chapter 11  Working with the Branching View
Chapter 12  Using Captivate Tools
Chapter 13  Refining the Movie
Chapter 14  Generating Captivate Output

Brenda Huettner

Brenda Huettner is a technical writer, author, speaker, and consultant with more than 20 years of experience in the technical communication field. She has written manuals, Help systems, procedures, proposals, and training materials for a variety of corporate clients, authored Macromedia Captivate: The Definitive Guide and co-authored RoboHelp for the Web and Managing Virtual Teams from Wordware Publishing, and is the publisher of Harry A. Franck's WWII narrative, Winter Journey through the Ninth. She is a Fellow of the Society for Technical Communication, a member of the IEEE Professional Communication Society, and a member of the Usability Professionals Association. Brenda is a regular presenter at conferences across the country where she speaks on documentation, management, and career issues.

Additional Titles by this Author
  • "As you'd expect the book begins with installing the software, introduces you to the most basic functions and by the end has documents that incorporate virtually every feature of the software. In addition the author spends a good bit of time discussing the basics of designing a movie to be sure that it meets the goals you are trying to achieve. The author clearly has a lot of experience in actually using the software and is able to convey this knowledge to the reader."

    -John Matlock

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