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Anatomy of Care

Author(s): Will Interactive
  • ISBN-13: 9780763780234
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Anatomy of Care is a series of video vignettes taking students through a series of scenarios that they would encounter during a "day in the life" at a typical hospital. The vignettes are presented through the eyes of five different characters - a senior resident, a charge nurse, a hospital receptionist, an environmental services staff person, and a nurse's aide. The student chooses which character they would like to follow through a series of scenarios. As the character progresses through the scenario, the video pauses and the student is asked how he/she thinks the character should proceed. The video continues with different outcomes determined by the student choices. Topics covered include: communication, leadership, quality assurance, patient safety, and providing a patient-centered environment.

Benefits of using Anatomy of Care:

  • Provides students with an interactive, real-world learning experience within a simulated hospital setting.
  • Reinforces student learning from their textbooks in areas of communication, leadership, professional development, critical thinking and ethics.
  • Students are able to practice critical decision making skills.

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Will Interactive

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ISBN-13: 9780763780234

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