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Patient Assessment Practice Scenarios

Patient assessment may be the most challenging subject for EMS students to grasp, and there never seems to be enough time in the classroom for practice. Patient Assessment Practice Scenarios allows students to fine-tune their understanding of the patient assessment process. This BLS- and ALS-level text includes 150 EMS practice scenarios (75 trauma and 75 medical) that focus on the assessment process as dictated by the National Registry medical assessment and trauma assessment skill sheets.

Each case is a script of an emergency call. The student and proctor (who may or may not be an instructor) may read through the case for rote practice of the assessment process, or the student may verbally work through the assessment process, with cues from the book read by the proctor. Cases may also be used as homework, in the classroom, or for self-study!

This book is for BLS or ALS students who want to successfully learn patient assessment inside and out before actually working in the field, and any EMS provider who wants to refresh his or her assessment skills.

Features & Benefits

  • Allows students to "talk through" situations that they will face in the field and gain confidence in assessment.
  • Student and proctor responses are clearly indicated, for easy use. 
  • ALS information is clearly identified. 
  • Follows the National Registry skill sheets for patient assessment and management. 
  • Cases are based on real emergency calls, representing the types of calls EMS providers will most commonly handle in real life.


National Registry Patient Assessment Skill Sheets  
Trauma Cases (Cases 1-75)  
Medical Cases (Cases 76-150)  
Key of Cases  

American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS)

The American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS) provides education and practice management services for orthopaedic surgeons and allied health professionals. The AAOS also serves as an advocate for improved patient care and informs the public about the science of orthopaedics. Founded at Northwestern University in 1933, the not-for-profit AAOS has grown from a small organization serving less than 500 members to the world's largest medical association of musculoskeletal specialists. The AAOS now serves about 36,000 members internationally.

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