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Precancer: The Beginning and the End of Cancer

Author(s): Jules J. Berman, PhD, MD
  • ISBN-13: 9780763777845
  • Paperback    186 pages      © 2010
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Nearly every type of cancer passes through a precancer phase, during which it cannot metastasize or invade other tissues. While medicine is not always successful in treating or curing advanced stages of cancers, recent advances in our understanding of carcinogenesis have helped us to develop strategies to prevent, diagnose, and treat many cancers at the precancer stage. Research in this field is escalating rapidly as the evidence increasingly shows that the number of annual cancer deaths could be drastically reduced through the effective treatment and cure of precancer lesions. This book begins by explaining why it has been so difficult to cure cancers, followed by a review of precancer biology, with descriptions of the most common precancer lesions. The final chapters provide practical socio-political and medical goals for precancer treatment, including discussions of the economics and politics of treating precancers.

Features & Benefits

Discusses the limitations of current approaches to cancer treatment and how early detection of precancer is key in cancer eradication.

Discusses the pathological and biological properties of precancer and explains the fundamental changes in cells that characterize the precancers.

Reviews the most recent approaches to precancer treatment currently under development.

Three useful appendices complete the book.  Appendix 1 assembles statistical data used in the text, and provides sources for each value.  Appendix 2 explains precancer terminology.  Appendix 3 describes the Developmental Lineage Classification and Taxonomy of Cancer. 

A glossary provides full explanations of specialized medical terminology.

Part  I  Limitations of Current Approaches to Cancer Treatment
  Chapter  1  The Cancer Burden
  Chapter  2  Illusion of Cancer Survival
  Chapter  3  Why We Have Not Learned How to Cure Advanced Common Cancers
Part  II  Precancer Pathology and Biology
  Chapter  4  Guide to Pathologic Examination of Precancers (for Laypersons)
  Chapter  5  Biology of Precancers
  Chapter  6  Studying Precancers to Understand Cancers
Part  III  Eradication of Cancer By Treatment of Precancers
  Chapter  7  Treating Precancers
  Chapter  8  Politics of Precancers
  Chapter  9  The End of Cancer
Appendix 1  Cancer Numbers
Appendix 2  Precancer terminology
Appendix 3  Neoplasm classification
Author biographies  

Jules J. Berman, PhD, MD

Jules Berman received his bachelor's degrees in Mathematics and Earth and Planetary Sciences from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, his Ph.D. from Temple University, and his M.D. from the University of Miami.  He received post-doctoral training in the Laboratory of Experimental Pathology in the National Cancer Institute, at NIH.  He received residency training at the George Washington University Medical Center and is board certified in anatomic pathology and in cytopathology.  He served as the chief of anatomic pathology at the VA Hospital in Baltimore where he held adjunct appointments at Johns Hopkins Medical Center and the University of Maryland Medical Center.  From 1998 to 2005 he was program director for Pathology Informatics in the Cancer Diagnosis Program at the National Cancer Institute.  Jules Berman has first-authored more than 100 publications.  He is now a free-lance author and the past President of the Association for Pathology Informatics.



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