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Developing Real World Software

Author(s): Richard Schlesinger, Kennesaw State University
  • ISBN-13: 9780763773199
  • Paperback    117 pages      © 2010
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Ideal for use in a software engineering lab or special topics setting, Developing Real World Software is a practical guide for developing useful, real world software applications that are high performing, secure, reliable, and configurable.  It expands upon material presented in traditional software engineering texts and focuses on key principles from a practical application development perspective so that students can experience all aspects of the process first-hand.  The theme of encapsulation is stressed throughout the book as it explains how it can be utilized to tremendously improve the understandability of large real world programs. 

Features & Benefits

  • A practical guide for developing real-world software applications that are configurable, reliable, secure, and high-performing.

  • Provides a strong focus on application development.

  • Stresses real-world applications throughout.

  • The theme of Encapsulation is carried throughout the book.

Applicable Courses

Ideal for the software engineering lab or special topics setting at the junior or senior level.

Chapter 1  Starting the Project
Chapter 2  Object Oriented Design & Programming
Chapter 3  Configurable Applications
Chapter 4  Error Handling and Robustness
Chapter 5  Design and Programming for Security
Chapter 6  Using Threads and Processes
Chapter 7  Synchronization & Deadlock Prevention
Chapter 8  Performance Improvement
Chapter 9  Program Correctness and Testing

Richard Schlesinger-Kennesaw State University

Richard Schlesinger teaches computer science at Kennesaw State University.  His primary emphasis is on exploring new pedagogical methods in college level courses, as well as introducing computer programming to high school students.  Prior to teaching at KSU, he received a Master's degree in Computer Science from Illinois Institute of Technology and then spent 30 years in industry.  During that time, he worked on the internals of six different operating systems, as well as the design of several computers.  He also developed various communication subsystems, several transaction processors, and cryptographic systems.  He was one of the principal designers of the first working data flow computer.

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Online Student Resource Files


Click HERE to gain access to the student resource files to accompany Developing Real World Software.

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