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Women’s Health Issues Across the Life Cycle
A Quality of Life Perspective

Author(s): Angela Sammarco, PhD, RN, Associate Professor, College of Staten Island - CUNY
  • ISBN-13: 9780763771614
  • Paperback    544 pages      © 2017
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Women’s Health Issues Across the Life Cycle: A Quality of Life Perspective is a unique text that explores a wide-variety of health issues and concerns for women to offer a holistic approach to care. Presented within a quality of life framework, it provides a women-centered perspective to explore the range of factors that can impact women’s health and well-being throughout the major life stages.

The first text of its kind, Women’s Health Issues Across the Life Cycle: A Quality of Life Perspective examines the ways in which the physical, psychological, spiritual, socioeconomic, and family domains impact women’s quality of life. It also offers current research specific to women’s health, health promotion strategies and interventions, case studies, critical thinking questions, and Internet resources for more information.

Applicable Courses

Clinical Practicums, Signs and Symptoms, Management of Complex Health Conditions

Chapter  1  The Dimensions of Women's Health
Chapter  2  Women’s Developmental Stages and Quality of Life
Chapter  3  Vulnerable Populations of Women
Chapter  4  Enhancing Women’s Health, Wellness, and Quality of Life
Chapter  5  Eating Disorders
Chapter  6  Bipolar Disorder
Chapter  7  Substance Abuse
Chapter  8  Consequences of Risky Sexual Behavior
Chapter  9  Violence against Women
Chapter  10  Breast Cancer
Chapter  11  Gynecologic Cancers
Chapter  12  The Climacteric and Menopause
Chapter  13  Cardiovascular Disease
Chapter  14  Stroke
Chapter  15  Musculoskeletal Disorders
Chapter  16  Alzheimer's Disease

Angela Sammarco, PhD, RN-Associate Professor, College of Staten Island - CUNY

Angela Sammarco, PhD, RN, Associate Professor, College of Staten Island - CUNY

  • “This innovative book is extremely useful to improve critical thinking among nursing students in a women's health class. It does an excellent job of noting the quality of life issues…” - Julie Baker-Townsend, DNP, WHNP- BC, FNP-BC, University of North Florida Brooks College of Health, for Doody’s Review Service