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Epidemiology of Women's Health

Author(s): Ruby T. Senie, PhD, Professor of Clinical Public Health, Columbia University, New York, New York
  • ISBN-13: 9780763769857
  • Paperback    586 pages      © 2014
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With contributions from leading authorities in the field, this one-of-a-kind text explores the major health challenges and conditions specifically affecting women. Epidemiology of Women’s Health covers chronic, infectious, autoimmune and psychological conditions as well as the health disparities and differences in health behaviors to give the reader a comprehensive understanding of the major female-specific needs that may be useful in developing effective public health programs. The text concludes with a review of the ethical aspects of gender-specific research studies.

  Section  I  Introduction to Epidemiology of Women’s Health
    Chapter  1  An Overview of Women’s Health: From the Past to the Future
    Chapter  2  Epidemiologic Research Methods
  Section  II  Personal and Community-Based Health Promotion and Morbidity Prevention
    Chapter  3  Intentional and Unintentional Injury Mortality and Morbidity
    Chapter  4  Health Promotion, Disease Prevention
    Chapter  5  Preventive Nutrition: Public Health Implications
    Chapter  6  Oral and Dental Health
    Chapter  7  Epidemiology of Women’s Use of Complementary and Alternative Medicine
  Section  III  Sexual Health Across the Life Span
    Chapter  8  Puberty
    Chapter  9  Sexuality and Sexual and Reproductive Health
    Chapter  10  Epidemiology of Reproductive Health
    Chapter  11  Menopause
  Section  IV  Sexually Transmitted Infections
    Chapter  12  Sexually Transmitted Infections
    Chapter  13  The Epidemiology of HIV/AIDS among American Women
    Chapter  14  Prevention of HIV/AIDS in Women
  Section  V  Chronic Psychological and Psychosocial Conditions
    Chapter  15  Eating Disorders
    Chapter  16  Depression in Women
    Chapter  17  Bipolar Disorder
    Chapter  18  Posttraumatic Stress Disorder in Women
    Chapter  19  Substance Use Disorders
    Chapter  20  Intimate Partner Violence and Women’s Health in the USA
    Chapter  VI  Endocrine and Autoimmune Conditions
    Chapter  21  Asthma
    Chapter  22  Multiple Sclerosis
    Chapter  23  Systemic Lupus Erythematosus
    Chapter  24  Diabetes Across the Stages of a Woman’s Life
  Section  VII  Malignancies
    Chapter  25  Lung Cancer
    Chapter  26  Breast Cancer
    Chapter  27  Ovarian Cancer
    Chapter  28  Endometrial Cancer
    Chapter  29  Cervical Cancer
    Chapter  30  Colorectal Cancer
  Section  VIII  Chronic Conditions
    Chapter  31  Women and Cardiovascular Disease
    Chapter  32  Migraine in Women
    Chapter  33  Epidemiology of Chronic Pain and Chronic Pain-Related Conditions
    Chapter  34  Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis
    Chapter  35  Osteoporosis: Epidemiology and Consequences
  Section  IX  Aging
    Chapter  36  Clinical Changes Experienced by Older Women
    Chapter  37  Subjective Well-Being of Midlife and Older Women
    Chapter  38  The Impact of Falls and Fall Injuries on Older Women
    Chapter  39  Alzheimer’s Disease in Women
  Section  X  Impact of Research: Lessons from the Past, Challenges of the Future
    Chapter  40  An Overview of Breast Screening
    Chapter  41  The Future Role of Genetics in Women’s Health Research and Clinical Care

Ruby T. Senie, PhD-Professor of Clinical Public Health, Columbia University, New York, New York

Ruby Senie is Professor of Epidemiology and Sociomedical Sciences of the Mailman School of Public Health of Columbia University.

Dr. Senie holds a Nursing degree from the Cornell University-New York Hospital School of Nursing, a Master's degree in Nursing Education from Columbia University Teachers College and a Doctorate in Epidemiology and Public Health from Yale University School of Medicine.

Dr. Senie is Principal Investigator of the Metropolitan New York Registry of Breast Cancer Families, one of six international collaborating sites initially funded by the NCI in 1995 to create a resource for gene-environment breast cancer research. Dr. Senie is also a Regional Principal Investigator of the national Asian American Network for Cancer Awareness Research and Training [AANCART], a project focusing on the cancer needs of Asian Americans in Queens and Manhattan.

Dr. Senie has focused her research on breast cancer risk and prognostic factors. She began her career at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center where she contributed to collaborative studies of epidemiology factors associated with breast cancer laterality, histology and prognosis. As a senior epidemiologist with the Centers for Disease and Prevention, she contributed to breast cancer research and studies of HIV/AIDS. Dr. Senie returned to Sloan-Kettering to work with the Breast Service in developing collaborative studies including the Metropolitan NY Registry. She has served as grant application reviewer for NCI, DOD, CDC, ACS and the New York State Breast Cancer Program.

  • "To date, there has been no other book that covers the vast amount of topics this book does to give a true overview of this field. The book covers a wide range of topics pertinent to women's health, from puberty to menopause to aging. Each chapter contains many visually appealing graphs, charts, and tables, with a series of discussion questions at the end. One chapter explains basic epidemiological concepts so that those unfamiliar with this area can understand the discussions of study designs, measures of association, and causation criteria. … be very useful in a survey course on women's health issues for non-experts."
    -- Cassandra N, Spracklen, BA, MS, University of Iowa College of Public Health (For Doody's Book Review Service, Jul. 2013)

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ISBN-13: 9780763769857

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