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Transformational Philanthropy: Entrepreneurs and Nonprofits

Author(s): Lisa M. Dietlin, Lisa M. Dietlin Associates, Inc.
  • ISBN-13: 9780763766788
  • Hardcover    330 pages      © 2010
Price: $110.95 US List
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Many entrepreneurs struggle to make wise decisions about their charitable contributions; they are determined to make their philanthropy meaningful, but they are often confused about the way to deliver their intentions and their gifts but have no benchmarks for guidance.

Transformational Philanthropy: Entrepreneurs and Nonprofits is the first practical guide for both nonprofit leaders and entrepreneurs to develop meaningful and effective ways to work together in order to solve the challenges facing us in the 21st century.

For the nonprofit leader, it provides insights into the decision making patterns, expectations, and philanthropic behaviors of entrepreneurs as well as strategies for success in working with entrepreneurs. Staff and volunteers of nonprofit organizations, as well as students of non-profit, will learn how to develop strategies for educating and engaging entrepreneurs in the life of their organization and in the overall philanthropic world. For the entrepreneur, it provides information, suggestions, and strategies for working with nonprofit organizations and becoming successful in the philanthropic world.

Key Features:

  • Presents real world examples, industry statistics as well as important “how-to” tips for approaching and engaging entrepreneurs as committed donors and partners with nonprofit organizations.  
  • Offers an Individual Philanthropic Audit – a hands-on tool that entrepreneurs can use to identify, evaluate, and test those in the nonprofit world.
  • Includes 21 interviews with entrepreneurs from throughout the country with diverse backgrounds including:
    • Suzy Bogguss, the singer/songwriter from Nashville
    • Stephan Pyles, one of the country’s top chefs from Dallas
    • Deborah Gibson, the singer/songwriter/actress from Los Angeles
    • Alfredo J. Molina, the country’s top retail jeweler from Scottsdale
    • John Rogers, founder of Arial Capital from Chicago
Chapter  1  Philanthropy Versus Charity
Chapter  2  Entrepreneurial Spirit
Chapter  3  Factors Affecting Philanthropy
Chapter  4  Qualities
Chapter  5  Expectations and the Return-on-Investment Theory
Chapter  6  Common Misconceptions and Frustrations
Chapter  7  Accountability/Dependability
Chapter  8  Strategies and Evaluations
Chapter  9  Honor, Recognition, and Some Networking
Chapter  10  Social Entrepreneurs
Chapter  11  Philanthropy by Celebrities and Atheletes
Chapter  12  Private and Community Foundations
Chapter  13  Final Thoughts

Lisa M. Dietlin-Lisa M. Dietlin Associates, Inc.

Lisa M. Dietlin founded Lisa M. Dietlin and Associates a decade ago to assist entrepreneurial individuals and nonprofit organizations in developing transformational philanthropic strategies.  Serving as a philanthropic agent, Lisa M. Dietlin & Associates’ expert advice, structured counsel and major gift programs are becoming the prime model for philanthropic leadership across the country.  Ms. Dietlin is a nationally known speaker and published writer on issues of charitable giving and philanthropy.  She has a recurring segment on CBS 2 Chicago titled “Eye on Charity” in which she shares ideas and information about making philanthropy part of everyday life.  Ms. Dietlin is frequently quoted in the media as an expert source; she’s been featured in a variety of media including: Oprah & Friends Radio, MarketWatch and The Chronicle of Philanthropy. Ms. Dietlin holds a Master’s Degree in Philanthropy and Development from Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota.