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100 Questions & Answers About Caring for Family or Friends with Cancer, Second Edition

Author(s): Susannah L. Rose, MSSW, PhD, Harvard University
Richard T. Hara, PhD, Director, Online Services, CancerCare, New York, New York
  • ISBN-13: 9780763762575
  • Paperback    226 pages      © 2011
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Whether you are a friend or relative of someone suffering from cancer, 100 Questions & Answers About Caring for Family or Friends with Cancer, Second Edition offers support. The only book available providing both the professional healthcare giver's and patient's views, it gives you authoritative, practical answers to your questions about treatment options, home care, insurance, quality of life, and much more. Completely revised and updated, 100 Questions & Answers About Caring for Family or Friends with Cancer, Second Edition is an invaluable resource for family and friends who are coping with the physical and emotional turmoil of cancer.

Part  1  The Basics
Part  2  Managing Medical Treatment and Care
Part  3  Helping Your Loved One Cope
Part  4  Caring for Yourself
Part  5  Relationship and Family Issues
Part  6  Home Care, Medical Equipment, Placement, and Other Practical Matters
Part  7  Insurance Issues
Part  8  Work Concerns
Part  9  Emotional Reactions and Practical Concerns about Death and Dying

Susannah L. Rose, MSSW, PhD-Harvard University

Susannah L. Rose, MSSW, PhD, BA [Philosophy and Psychology], Furman University, 1996; MS in Social Work, Columbia University,1998, MS [Bioethics], Albany Medical Center/Union College, 2006; PhD in Health Policy, Harvard University, 2010.

Ms. Rose worked at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center (MSKCC) in New York City providing clinical services and conducting research for approximately eight years. At MSKCC, she specialized in clinical interventions for people with gastrointestinal cancers and their family members. She has recently completed her doctoral studies at Harvard University, specializing in health care policy and bioethics. She is the primary author on a book entitled 100 Questions and Answers About Caring for Family or Friends with Cancer, second edition, and she has written many other publications focusing on the psychosocial aspects of coping with cancer.

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Richard T. Hara, PhD-Director, Online Services, CancerCare, New York, New York

Richard T. Hara, Ph.D., is currently Director of Online Services at CancerCare, a non-profit organization providing education, counseling, and financial assistance to people affected by cancer all across the country. He has a doctorate in Cultural Anthropology from the City University of New York Graduate Center, with a research focus on family and household decision-making. He received his professional training in social work at Columbia University, and worked at St. Luke’s/Roosevelt Hospital and Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center as a clinical social worker prior to joining CancerCare. Dr. Hara has written about cancer survivorship and caregiving, and has lectured and run training workshops at numerous professional conferences. The online caregivers support program at CancerCare was the recipient of the 2008 National Family Caregiving Award, presented by the MetLife Foundation and the National Alliance for Caregiving.