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Electronic Prescribing: A Safety and Implementation Guide

Author(s): Michael Van Ornum, RPh, RN
  • ISBN-13: 9780763758493
  • ISBN-10:0763758493
  • Paperback    279 pages      © 2009
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As healthcare technology advances, health professionals who work with prescriptions or medical orders will need to learn about electronic prescribing soon. Electronic Prescribing: A Safety and Implementation Guide explores how e-prescribing works, identifies features that help or hinder safe prescribing, and offers practical advice for implementing e-prescribing. Readers will learn to use electronic prescribing technology safely and effectively in the multi-disciplinary, complex environment of today's healthcare.

Electronic Prescribing: A Safety and Implementation Guide is a clinician-level book that:

  • focuses on safety issues encountered in everyday use of e-prescribing
  • utilizes a multidisciplinary approach to patient safety that includes the perspectives of nurses, medical assistants, medical office managers, pharmacists, and software program designers
  • dissects a freely accessible program, eRx NOW, to provide practical insight on present and potential features of e-prescribing
  • discusses principles for reducing the potential for error in current and future e-prescribing systems
  • identifies the workflow and patient safety challenges professionals encounter when working with e-prescribing, and provides practical suggestions for meeting those challenges
  • outlines a flexible plan for implementation that proactively addresses barriers

Special Features:

  • Glossary
  • Visual Cues and Icons
  • Sidebars
  • Worksheets
  • Tables
  • Screenshots
  • Logical Structure and Organization

Features & Benefits

The text is logically organized with Part, Chapter, and Section Headings to make finding information easy

The appendices contain useful worksheets to aid the  implementation of e-prescribing

Actual screenshots of a working e-prescribing program are used to illustrate key concepts throughout the book

Select words are defined in the glossary are bolded throughout the text

Patient Safety concerns, testing tips, and warnings throughout the text are emphasized by icons 

Multidisciplinary viewpoints, examples and anecdotal information supplement the text in the form of sidebars

Information for quick reference is collected in tables throughout


How to use this book


Part I: Foundations

Chapter 1: Myth-Perceptions

Chapter 2: E-prescribing Infrastructure

Part II: The Tools

Chapter 3: eRx Anatomy – Assistant Functions

Chapter 4: eRx Anatomy – Prescriber Functions

Chapter 5: eRx Anatomy – Administrative Functions

Part III: Improving Patient Safety

Chapter 6: e-Prescribing in the Integrated Environment

Chapter 7: Clinical Decision Support

Chapter 8: Evaluating e-Prescribing Applications

Chapter 9: e-Prescribing Safely

Part IV: Implementation

Chapter 10: How to Assess for e-Prescribing Readiness

Chapter 11: How to Implement e-Prescribing

Chapter 12: How to Evaluate e-Prescribing Outcomes 



Appendix A: A Model of Error

Appendix B: Prior Authorization Fax Tool

Appendix C: Testing Tips

Appendix D: Disaster Preparedness

Appendix E: Workflows

Appendix F: Training




Michael Van Ornum, RPh, RN

Michael Van Ornum RPh, RN, BCPS is a Consulting Clinical Pharmacist for the Greater Rochester Independent Practice Association, and the recipient of Clinical Practitioner of the Year 2006 award from the New York Chapter of ACCP. He provides consultative services to physicians in a clinically integrated healthcare environment and spearheaded the implementation of electronic prescribing, available to willing participants, with GRIPA’s panel of over 400 physicians and their staff. Mr. Van Ornum lives in Upstate New York with his wife and three children.

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