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Disaster Nursing: A Handbook for Practice

Author(s): Deborah S Adelman, PhD, RN, CNS, NE-BC, SUNY Delhi
Timothy J Legg, PhD, RN-BC, CHES, GNP-BC, FACHCA
  • ISBN-13: 9780763758448
  • Paperback    347 pages      © 2009
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AJN 2009 Book of the Year Award Winner!
Named in the 25th edition of the ICIRN Essential Nursing Resources list!

Disaster Nursing: A Handbook for Practice covers all aspects of disaster nursing including being a first responder, disaster volunteering, disaster management on site and in a hospital, disaster preparedness, and hospital and community nursing response in a disaster. Designed for nursing students, working nurses, and disaster nurses, this text is a practical guide for dealing with almost any disaster situation and any disaster victim.
The first of its kind and easy to use, this handbook deals with the topics pertinent to disaster nursing from a leadership standpoint and teaches readers how to use critical thinking skills and reach informed decisions about what interventions to take in any given disaster situation.
Download Instructor's Resources for comprehensive disaster drills, case studies and convenient PowerPoint slides!

Key Features of the Text Include:

  • Complete Image Bank 
  • Instructors Resources including disaster drills, case studies and convenient PowerPoint slides 
  • Chapter goals, objectives, and key terms 
  • Organized in a manner that explains basic concepts both across the whole text and within each chapter 
  • Covers what a disaster is, how to volunteer effectively, what to expect in a disaster, special populations, and differing kinds of disaster response

Features & Benefits

  • Complete Image Bank
  • Instructors Resources including disaster drills, case studies and convenient PowerPoint slides
  • Chapter goals, objectives, and key terms
  • Organized in a manner that explains basic concepts both across the whole text and within each chapter
  • Covers what a disaster is, how to volunteer effectively, what to expect in a disaster, special populations, and differing kinds of disaster response
Chapter  1  The Nature of Disasters
Chapter  2  Volunteerism
Chapter  3  The Varying faces of Disaster
Chapter  4  Leadership and Management in a Disaster
Chapter  5  Special Populations in a Disaster: The Child and Pregnant Woman
Chapter  6  Special Populations in a Disaster: The Elderly and Disabled
Chapter  7  Culture and Disasters
Chapter  8  The Psychology of Disasters
Chapter  9  Communicating in a Disaster
Chapter  10  Legal and Ethical Considerations in a Disaster
Chapter  11  Hazmat
Chapter  12  Burns: Ooverview of Etiology, Pathophysiology, and Determining When Referral is Needed
Chapter  13  Management of the Burned Trauma Patient: From Initial Assessment to Ultimate Outcome
Chapter  14  Burns in the Mass Casualty Disaster Environment
Chapter  15  Upscaling Burn Management: The Mass Burn Casualty Incident Application: CBRN
Chapter  16  Bioterrorism: The Use of Biologicals
Chapter  17  Issues that Arise in a Disaster
Appendix  A  Disaster Terminology Internet Resources
Appendix  B  Measures for Dealing with Hazardous Materials

Deborah S Adelman, PhD, RN, CNS-NE-BC, SUNY Delhi


Deborah S. Adelman, PhD, RN, NE-BC, CNS, lives in Springfield, IL. She received her PhD in 2002 at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, from the College of Education, where she specialized in International Human Resource Education. In 1991, she received her Master's of Science from the University of Illinois, University Center, College of Nursing, specializing in Public Health Nursing and is a Community Nurse Specialist.

Dr. Adelman's professional experiences include her present position as associate professor of nursing at SUNY Delhi. She was assistant professor of nursing, Saint John's College, Department of Nursing, Springfield, IL. She was a senior nursing instructor at Lake Land College, Mattoon, IL, for 9 years before that. She has worked as a nurse consultant for physicians, dentists, and public health agencies throughout central Illinois and as an occupational health nurse.

Dr. Adelman’s volunteer work includes the American Red Cross, through which, in October of 2001, she worked as a disaster health nurse at the World Trade Center terrorist attacks. She has responded to disasters since 1982 and has worked single family fires, tornadoes, and floodings, among others. She is the assistant chief of the Springfield Community Emergency Response Team and a member of the Illinois Medical Emergency Response Team and the Illinois Nurse Volunteer Emergency Needs Team. She teaches disaster training courses to the public, pharmacists, nurses, and nursing students.



Timothy J. Legg, PhD, RN-BC, CHES, GNP-BC, FACHCA, lives in Wilkes Barre, PA. He holds a baccalaureate degree in nursing, a master’s degree in gerontological nursing with specializations as a nurse educator and gerontological nurse practitioner, as well as a doctoral degree in health sciences from Touro. He is also a licensed nursing home administrator as well as a certified health education specialist.

Dr. Legg’s professional experience includes his present position as assistant professor at TUI University, Cypress, CA. He also maintains active practice as a gerontological nurse practitioner and long-term care consultant. His interests focus on appropriate evacuation of frail older adults across a multiplicity of settings and he provides trainings specific to this topic to a wide range of audiences. As a health education specialist he helps families of care-dependent older adults to devise safe evacuation plans for their loved ones. He also provides educational programs to skilled nursing facilities and assisted living communities on disaster preparedness. He is the president and founder of Consultants in Education which provides training in a variety of areas including disaster response. He has had federal training in disaster preparedness.


  • The Disaster Nursing text has lots of great information that will greatly enhance my course. Adelmen & Legg’s text has lots of information that I can use in my lecture, and resources to pull from for students who show a particular interest in disaster preparedness. The chapters on legal and ethical issues were outstanding. The authors addressed most of the questions that were raised amongst health care professionals after we lived through Hurrican Katrina.

    Claire Cottrell, RN, MSN
    Nursing Instructor
    Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College

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ISBN-13: 9780763758448

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