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Computing with Excel and VBA, Second Edition

Author(s): S.I. Krishan, PhD, Oakland University
  • ISBN-13: 9780763756680
  • Paperback    298 pages      © 2009
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Ideal for use in non-majors, introductory-level CS or CIS courses, Computing with Excel and VBA provides students with a clear emphasis on problem solving using the popular tools Excel and VBA. Numerous examples are presented throughout the text to illustrate key concepts, and several additional examples and exercises are provided as learning tools at the end of each chapter. All examples were developed to relate to practical situations that students will likely encounter in their work or studies. By using Excel to demonstrate how computers can be used to solve problems, students will gain a solid skill set in this popular resource.  The coverage of VBA provides exposition to programming with simple examples to show how Excel applications can be customized.  Computing with Excel and VBA provides students with a concise and complete understanding of computer systems and problem solving techniques that will pave the way for future study!

Features & Benefits

Provides a clear emphasis on problem solving using Excel. A separate chapter on computing as problem solving discusses a 5-step approach to problem solving and presents example exercises to illustrate problem solving strategies.

Basic computer concepts, like binary and hexadecimal number systems, logic gates, flow charts, and algorithms , are introduced through Excel and VBA exercises.

Includes a chapter on data analysis and simulation.

Includes comprehensive coverage of conditional calculations and formatting, date and time calculations, and working with tables and charts.

Includes 3 chapters on macros and VBA programming.

Learning objectives provide a basic understanding of computer system components including information representation and logic gates.

Applicable Courses

Computing with Excel and VBA is appropriate for:

  • introductory computer courses for non-majors
  • general education courses on computers and computing.
  • Excel programming courses in Computer Information Systems or Management Information Systems departments
  • Introductory to Advanced level Excel courses.
Chapter 1  Getting Started
Chapter 2  Excel Basics
Chapter 3  More Excel
Chapter 4  Working with Conditions
Chapter 5  Computing as Problem Solving
Chapter 6  Working with Text, Dates, and Times
Chapter 7  Working with Tables
Chapter 8  Charting in Excel
Chapter 9  Data Analysis and Stimulation
Chapter 10  Macros
Chapter 11  VBA Programming
Chapter 12  More VBA Programming

S.I. Krishan, PhD-Oakland University

S.I. Krishan teaches undergraduate and graduate courses at Oakland University. He is also involved in research in pattern recognition, and multimedia information retrieval. He has served on numerous program committees of national and international conferences as well as on editorial boards of many academic journals.

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ISBN-13: 9780763756680

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