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Pharmacy Technician Laboratory Manual

Author(s): Sandeep Bansal, PT, MPA, Pharmacy Technician Instructor
  • ISBN-13: 9780763756604
  • Paperback    288 pages      © 2010
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Pharmacy Technician Laboratory Manual provides pharmacy technician students with opportunities for the practical application of theory by supplying different scenarios one might encounter working in a pharmacy. This manual gives students and educators a variety of lab exercises that pertain to didactic learning, and cover need-to-know topics such as prescriptions, anatomy and physiology, law and ethics, HIPAA, compounding and infectious disease, and more. Each chapter includes questions and answers relating to the exercises, and an answer key is available for instructors.

Pharmacy Technician Laboratory Manual:

  • Includes opportunities for students to use role playing models to understand HIPAA violations through hands-on training
  • Trains students to decipher hard-to-read prescriptions
  • Includes the top 200 drugs and a monograph page for the student to complete
  • Consists of medication orders that the students will have to decipher
  • Includes categories of prescriptions using different math problems (creating weight in weight mixtures, weight in volume prescriptions, etc.)
  • Students will also be able to create DEA numbers and write their own prescriptions

Important Topics Include:

  • Terminology
  • Law
  • HIV Medications
  • New Drug Process
  • Recalls
  • Look Alike, Sound Alike
  • Controlled Prescriptions
  • Reading/Writing Prescriptions
  • and more!


Lab  1  Terminology
Lab  2  Pharmacy Technician Job Description
Lab  3  History of Pharmacy
Lab  4  Creating DEA Numbers
Lab  5  Sig Codes and Medical Terminology
Lab  6  Patient Profile
Lab  7  Law
Lab  8  HIV/AIDS
Lab  9  What Would You Do?
Lab  10  New Drug Process
Lab  11  Sound-Alike Drugs
Lab  12  21st Century Leadership Model
Lab  13  Drug List
Lab  14  Recall
Lab  15  Infectious Disease
Lab  16   Medicare
Lab  17  Drug Information Handbook
Lab  18  Physicians' Desk Reference
Lab  19  Inpatient Pharmacy Technician
Lab  20  Billing
Lab  21  Reading Medication Labels
Lab  22  HIPAA
Lab  23  Controlled Substance Log
Lab  24  Reading and Writing Prescriptions
Lab  25  Compounding
Lab  26  Over-the-Counter Drugs
Lab  27  Vitamins and Minerals
Lab  28   Basic Mathematical Conversions
Lab  29  Dilutions and Stock Solutions
Lab  30  Reading Syringes
Lab  31  Alligations

Sandeep Bansal, PT, MPA-Pharmacy Technician Instructor

The following instructor resources are available to qualified instructors for download

ISBN-13: 9780763756604

Answers to Lab Exercises