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Golf: Your Turn for Success, Second Edition

Author(s): A. Garth Fisher, Brigham Young University, Utah
John W. Geertsen Jr., PGA Class “A” Golf Professional
  • ISBN-13: 9780763756130
  • Paperback    140 pages      © 2009
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This book helps golf players at any level to understand, play and enjoy the game.  It covers basic skills along with a presentation of the rules and etiquette of golf, specialty shots, practice and improvement techniques, the mental aspects of the game and tournament play.  The text reflects the practical results of the latest research applicable to the sport and emphasizes the fundamentals of a sound swing in simple terms and with many unique instructional photographs. 

A. Garth Fisher-Brigham Young University, Utah

John W. Geertsen Jr.-PGA Class “A” Golf Professional