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Peripheral Vascular Disease

Author(s): Alvaro Alonso, MD
Daniel D. McManus, MD
Daniel Z. Fisher, MD, MPH
  • ISBN-13: 9780763755386
  • Paperback    204 pages      © 2011
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Peripheral vascular disease (PVD) affects more than 30 million people worldwide, most often individuals over age 65. Despite this, PVD remains a disease with which many clinicians are unfamiliar. Peripheral Vascular Disease helps medical professionals of different backgrounds and training apply resources adequately to benefit individual patients. The authors provide a description of relevant vascular anatomy and pathophysiology, a focused review of diagnostic modalities used in screening for PVD, and contemporary medical and interventional treatments used for PVD. Generous use of bullet points, condensed tables, high-quality figures, and diagrams facilitate easy comprehension of a multifaceted and serious condition.

Chapter  1  Vascular Biology of Atherosclerosis
Chapter  2  Peripheral Artery Disease
Chapter  3  Carotid Artery Disease
Chapter  4  Renal Artery Disease
Chapter  5  Splanchnic and Mesenteric Artery Disease
Chapter  6  Subclavian Artery Disease

Alvaro Alonso, MD

Daniel D. McManus, MD

Daniel Z. Fisher, MD, MPH