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Residential Wiring, Third Edition

Author(s): H. Brooke Stauffer
Paul A. Rosenberg
  • ISBN-13: 9780763752606
  • ISBN-10:0763752606
  • Paperback    268 pages      © 2009
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A Practical Guide Based on the 2008 National Electrical Code®!

The third edition of Residential Wiring is a practical introduction to the general wiring principles, methods, installations, calculations, and service equipment used in 90% of dwellings. Covering actual construction practices for installing electrical systems in one- and two-family dwellings, the text combines in-depth instruction of 2008 NEC rules with detailed, hands-on information about residential wiring practices and full color illustrations to make this an accessible and reader-friendly textbook. Outlining the steps and precautions needed to install power wiring, residential smoke detectors, and systems covered in Article 800 of the NEC, the text addresses specific challenges room by room, including AFCI protection for bedrooms, small-appliance branch circuits for kitchen and dining rooms, and GFCI protection for bathrooms.

Features & Benefits

Covers Code requirements and actual construction practices for installing electrical systems in one- and two- family dwellings

Combines in-depth instruction of 2008 Code rules with detailed, hands-on information about residential wiring practices

Clearly written with more than 200 color illustrations to enhance understanding

Readers will gain an improved understanding of the NEC® and how to install residential electrical systems in one- and two- family dwellings

New chapter features that reinforce and expand on essential information include:

  • Learning Objectives Help focus students' attention on key topics within the chapter
  • Case Studies Provide real-world scenarios faced by an electrician working with residential wiring
  • Tip Boxes Highlight valuable information about residential wiring and construction
  • Safety First Boxes Offer safety considerations for different locations, equipment, and tools
  • Warning Boxes Alert students to situations that require special attention
  • Charged Terms List helpful terms and definitions
  • Check Your Knowledge Provide students with an opportunity to test what they have learned from each chapter and to understand how it applies to wiring practices


Applicable Courses

NFPA's Residential Wiring, Third Edition can be used as a textbook for electrical apprenticeship programs, vocational technical schools, and other educational, training, and certification programs. Specific course titles include:

  • Residential Wiring
  • Residential Wiring Methods
  • National Electrical Code® Residential
  • Intro to Residential Wiring
  • Residential Code Requirements
Chapter  1  General Principles
Chapter  2  Planning the Installation--Required Branch Circuits and Load Calculations
Chapter  3  Services, Service Equipment, and Grounding
Chapter  4  Wiring Methods
Chapter  5  Lighting the Home
Chapter  6  The Living Room
Chapter  7  The Kitchen and Dining Room
Chapter  8  The Bathroom
Chapter  9  The Bedroom
Chapter  10  The Basement, Family Room, and Laundry
Chapter  11  Hallways, Stairways, and Attics
Chapter  12  Outdoor Areas
Chapter  13  Swimming Pools, Hot Tubs, and Spas
Chapter  14  HVAC Equipment and Water Heaters
Chapter  15  Special Systems
Chapter  16  Residential Generators
Appendix  A  Troubleshooting Guide

H. Brooke Stauffer

Brooke Stauffer is the Executive Director of Standards and Safety for the National Electrical Contactors Association (NECA) in Bethesda, MD. He is responsible for all of NECA’s regulatory activities and for developing and publishing the National Electrical installation Standards. Stauffer is a member of the IEEE, NFPA, and IAEI, and has served on three different code-making panels. He is also a member of the ANSI Board of Standards Review (BSR), which approves all American National Standards, including the National Electrical Code®.

Paul A. Rosenberg

Paul Rosenberg is a Consulting Editor for EC&M magazine. He has written more than 30 books and hundreds of magazine articles. He has an extensive background in the electrical contracting industry, and has taught apprenticeship, community college and university programs.
  • This is a fine educational tool which will benefit the reader in their understanding of the trade and aid in their career advancements.

    Michael W. Moyer, Electrical Instructor
    Western Electrical Contractors Association


Instructor's ToolKit CD-ROM

ISBN-13: 9780763768843

Instructor's ToolKit CD-ROM: This new and easy-to-use Instructor’s ToolKit CD-ROM contains everything needed to run a dynamic course on residential wiring as it relates to the 2008 NEC®, including PPT presentations, Lecture Outlines, Answer Key, and an Image Bank.