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Stallcup's® Journeyman Electrician's Study Guide, 2008 Edition

Author(s): James G. Stallcup
  • ISBN-13: 9780763752569
  • ISBN-10:0763752568
  • Paperback    536 pages      © 2010
Price: International Sales $135.95 US List
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The Best-Selling Book for Journeyman Exam Preparation - Updated for the 2008 NEC!

All the information you need to correctly analyze, work out, and answer Journeyman exam questions.

Stallcup's® Journeyman Electrician's Study Guide, 2008 Edition provides the perfect balance of strategy and application to ensure your success on the Journeyman licensing exam. Recognized as the most complete and comprehensive Journeyman's study guide available, this skill-building tool has over 1,500 sample exam questions broken down by subject to help you identify areas needing additional review. Detailed explanations and illustrations from renowned electrical author, trainer, and Code expert James G. Stallcup complement this hands-on learning style by providing reader-friendly discussions on how to determine the right answer. After reviewing Stallcup's® numerous tips and strategies, worked-out examples and calculations, and step-by-step solutions you'll be ready to confidently tackle your Journeyman exam.

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Features & Benefits

 Written by authority James Stallcup

Designed for both instructors and apprentices

Ideal for self-study

Chapter 1. Electrical Theory
Chapter 2. Direct Current Circuits
Chapter 3. Alternating Current Circuits
Chapter 4. Applying Formulas
Chapter 5. Applying The NEC
Chapter 6. Wiring Methods
Chapter 7. Conductor Ampacities
Chapter 8. Overcurrent Protection Devices
Chapter 9. Residential Calculations
Chapter 10. Commercial Calculations
Chapter 11. Diagrams and Elements
Chapter 12. Questions and Problems
Calculation Tips
Calculation Forms
Topic Index

James G. Stallcup

James G. Stallcup, Founder and CEO of Grayboy, Inc., is a noted authority in the electrical field. Since its inception, Grayboy has rapidly moved to the forefront of the electrical industry, training over 100,000 students in workshops, seminars, and in-house training, and continually receiving international recognition. Mr. Stallcup has a substantial commitment to the continuing education of those people in the electrical industry through quality publications and up-to-date training. His publications are used in apprenticeship and vocational schools around the country and continue to receive accolades from instructors as well as students for their in-depth explanations, effective illustrations, and authoritative code references. 


Stallcup's Journeyman Electrician's Study Guide Online Answer Key

ISBN-13: 9780763782085

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