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Teaching Strategies for Health Education and Health Promotion: Working with Patients, Families, and Communities

Author(s): Arlene Lowenstein, RN, PhD, Professor and Director, Health Professions Education Doctoral Program, School of Health Sciences, Simmons College, Boston, Massachusetts
Lynn Foord-May, PT, PhD, MEd, Assistant Professor of Physical Therapy, Director of the Division of Online Teaching and Learning School of Health Sciences, Simmons College, Boston, Massachusetts
Jane Romano, MS, RN, Staff Development Specialist , Children's Hospital, Boston, Massachusetts
  • ISBN-13: 9780763752279
  • ISBN-10:0763752274
  • Paperback    642 pages      © 2009
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AJN 2009 Book of the Year Award Winner!

Written by a multidisciplinary team of healthcare providers, Teaching Strategies for Health Education and Health Promotion helps us understand how people of all ages learn about their health. The book also explains how healthcare professionals can positively affect patients, families, and diverse communities and their ability to understand, prevent and manage their illness.

Designed to give health professionals the tools they need to provide total patient care, this distinctive resource presents a foundation as well as offers a selection of tools and teaching methodologies for promotion of health and prevention of illness. Unique to this resource are experience-driven case studies that demonstrate both successful and unsuccessful cases, in order to help healthcare professionals identify best practices to preserve and repeat, as well as analyze why unsuccessful efforts might have failed and how those cases could be handled differently.

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Features & Benefits

  • Focuses on "total patient care"
  • Interdisciplinary angle to patient care
  • Written from the clinician's point of view. Clinicians explain what they are doing and why it is successful
  • Section III contains unique case studies demonstrating both successful and unsuccessful cases. This provides the opportunity to analyze what went wrong in unsuccessful efforts and to preserve and repeat the efforts from successful scenarios

Applicable Courses

  • Fundamentals
  • Capstone
  • Clinical Education Programs


Section I     Education Concepts and Theories

Chapter  1   Jane Romano:  Getting Started

Chapter  2    Lynn Foord-May: The Search for the Adult Learner 

Chapter  3   Carol S. Collard and Richard L. Sowell: Impact of Poverty on Learning 

Chapter  4   Madalaine Pugliese and Karen Janowski: Supporting Patient Literacy Using Technology

Chapter  5   Jane Romano: Stress and Illness 

Chapter  6  Gerald P. Koocher: Creating Change for Positive Health Behaviors, Including Ethical Practice

Section II   Teaching Methodologies

Chapter   7    Susan Scrimshaw: Methodologies for working with cultural diversity

Chapter   8    Danielle Steward Gelinas & Jane Romano: Individualized Instruction

Chapter   9    Nancy Lowenstein: Teaching with Groups

Chapter   10  Jane Romano: Teaching on the Fly

Chapter   11  Arlene Lowenstein & John A. Reeder: Making Learning Stick   

Chapter   12  Suzanne Graca, Kirsten Fowler & Addie Rosenstock: Play – An Educational Tool in Healthcare 

Chapter   13  Taryn Pittman: Teaching Tools 

Chapter   14  Technology in Learning: Madalaine Pugliese and Karen Janowski 

Chapter   15  Vivienne B. Piroli:  Searching The Literature: Resources And Research Methods 

Section III   Specific Conditions & Health Education

Chapter  16   Jim Huddleston: Health Promotion and Wellness

Chapter  17   Jim Huddleston: Health Promotion and Behavior Change            

Chapter   18  Jean Oulund Peteet: Community Approaches to Health Promotion

Chapter   19   Kathy Zaiken and Caroline S. Zeind: Teaching Patients About Medications

Chapter   20   Aditi Puri:  Education For Oral Health 

Chapter   21   Debra Wein & Lynn Foord-May: Education for Obesity and Eating Disorders 

Chapter   22   Patricia Christensen: Parenting Education

Chapter   23   Susan Sommer, Julie Shurtleff & Pamela Kelly: Asthma in Adults and Children

Chapter   24   Barbara Chase: Diabetes in Adults and Children  

Chapter   25   Terry Mahan Buttaro: Teaching Patients with Cardio Vascular Disease

Chapter   26   Anne Dupre & Lynn Foord-May: Education for Stroke

Chapter   27   Susan DeCristofaro, Judith I. Balboni, & Martha Young: The Cancer Patient: Adult and Child 

Chapter   28   Clare Safran-Norton: Education for Arthritis, Joint Injury and Replacement    

Chapter   29   Nancy Lowenstein: Progressive Neurological Disorders

Chapter   30.  Florence Keane: Mental Health

Chapter   31   Flora C. Flood: Reproductive Issues for Men and Women







Arlene Lowenstein, RN, PhD-Professor and Director, Health Professions Education Doctoral Program, School of Health Sciences, Simmons College, Boston, Massachusetts

Professor and Director, Health Professions Education Doctorate Program, Simmons College, Boston, Ma. Professor Emeritus, MGH Institute of Health Professions, Boston, Ma.,.Mentor, Online Nursing Courses, Thomas Edison State College Dr. Lowenstein serves as Professor and Director of the Health Professions Education Doctoral Program, which is an interprofessional program with culturally diverse students in a wide variety of health care disciplines, and teaches in undergraduate nursing courses and graduate level health professions education online courses at Simmons College. Dr. Lowenstein came to Simmons College following her role as Dean of the Graduate Program in Nursing at the MGH Institute of Health Professions in Boston. She holds the title of Professor Emeritus from that institution. She is a highly experienced nurse educator with a strong record of publication and presentations. She is the lead author of Teaching Strategies for Health Education and Health Promotion, which won a Book of the Year award from the American Nurses Association. Students selected her to receive two awards for outstanding teaching, and she received a faculty award for outstanding leadership. She has an active program of research in cultural diversity in the health care workplace, HIV Aids and her latest project about how students learn to teach patients. She was recognized as a Distinguished Alumni from the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, and is listed in Who’s Who in America and Who’s Who in the World.

Lynn Foord-May, PT, PhD, MEd-Assistant Professor of Physical Therapy, Director of the Division of Online Teaching and Learning School of Health Sciences, Simmons College, Boston, Massachusetts

Jane Romano, MS, RN-Staff Development Specialist , Children's Hospital, Boston, Massachusetts

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ISBN-13: 9780763752279

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