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Private Security in the 21st Century: Concepts and Applications

Author(s): Dr. Edward J Maggio, Assistant Professor, Criminal Justice, New York Institute of Technology
  • ISBN-13: 9780763751906
  • ISBN-10:0763751901
  • Paperback    374 pages      © 2009
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Are your students equipped for their careers in a world in which 
organized crime and terrorism are on the rise?

 Private Security in the 21st Century: Concepts and Applications informs the learner about the historical development of private security and provides new information for educating and training private security personnel in the beginning stages of their career, whether they are a full time student or entry level security worker on the job. Each chapter serves as a “crash course” on the different security fields. Unlike other textbooks on Private Security, this text covers a wide variety of private security jobs in the private security field and step by step “How to” sections for college learners, trade school students, private security personnel, law enforcement personnel, business students, and other individuals who want to learn “How to” information in a quick and efficient manner. Private Security in the 21st Century: Concepts and Applications not only provides the background information that a prospective security person should know, but also describes the basic operational procedures students need to understand.

Features & Benefits

"Private Security in the News" – provides coverage of private security in current events

"Private Security in Popular Television" – showcases examples of private security used in television programs

"Controversies in Private Security" – discusses issues in the world of private security

"Private Security and Policy" – shows how private security influences policy from domestic/international security, information/data protection, emergency management, and world health issues

“You are the Private Security Specialist Summary” – challenges students to apply what they have learned from the chapter and case studies

Applicable Courses

Introduction to Private Security, Security, Criminal Justice, Computer Security courses in two and four-year Criminal Justice programs, as well as Security tracks in Criminal Justice departments. 

Chapter  Preface
Chapter  Introduction
Chapter  Dedication
Chapter  1  Historical Development – Private Security: Past to Present
Chapter  2  Private Security Employment Positions
Chapter  3  Entry Level Business Techniques and Information
Chapter  4  Private Security Guarding and Protection Skills
Chapter  5  Advanced Business Security Issues
Chapter  6  Economic and Financial Security Issues for Private Security Personnel
Chapter  7  Current Private Security Threats: Issues and Information
Chapter  8  School Security Issues and Techniques
Chapter  9  Future Security Trends: Issues and Information

Dr. Edward J Maggio-Assistant Professor, Criminal Justice, New York Institute of Technology

Edward Maggio is an assistant professor of criminal justice at the New York Institute of Technology. He serves also as the Director of New York Institute of Technology - Center for Security and Disaster Responses. He is a graduate of Virginia Tech with degrees in History and Political Science. He holds a Juris Doctor degree from New York Law School. He also graduated from Oxford University with a Master of Science degree in Criminology and Criminal Justice. In addition, he is a graduate of New York University’s professional program in Homeland Security.  He has received his certification/license as a Security Guard Instructor from the New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services.

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ISBN-13: 9780763751906

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